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Less Waste < Better Results = Standards Increase Efficiency Written by AZEEM SAJID THE SURGE of great intensive industrial activity that had quite dramatically redefined the entire course of industrial development and expansion, and human history also; originally emanated from the historic event of the Industrial Revolution at the end of 18th century. Started in the Great Britain with the invention of wheel, this revolution had within two and a half century encompassed most of the great nations like France, Germany, Canada, USA, Japan, Russia, Central and southern Asia.

Basically this was an industrial revolution but it had had so plausible, penetrable and widespread effects that its repercussions were explicitly comprehensible in every domain of the life of common man. Formerly, this revolution wholly revolutionized the industry by invigorating the production processes and effective division of labor. The raw approaches and crude methods of the time had thoroughly been researched, tested, enhanced, implemented and successfully converted into well-defined, result-oriented, cost-effective, practical and efficient generalized techniques.

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Soon the improved products and services developed by these new innovative production processes created a very strong kind of ripple effect that slowly but surely swept over almost everything, apparently beyond the ambit of this revolution. TODAY, there is an ongoing fervent contest for industrial, economic and technological dominance in which every country is desperately trying to win by developing quality products and services. With the backdrop of a new wholly changed perspective of industrial development, with more refined production techniques and effective labor management plans, the products and services are now being developed so as to exceed the expectations of customers: products with maximal output, less or no waste, minimal cost and without any unnecessary effort. Export of these quality products and services is.

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