Lesson 5 – Summarize the three historical periods of American policing

Summarize the three historical periods of American policing (the political era, the professional era, and the community era). Describe which style of policing (watchman, service, or legalistic) was likely to be emphasized in each era.

The political era, the first type of policing used in America is a kind of evolution of the frankpledge system and was used as the pioneer type of policing a community or society. This kind of policing requires watchful operations from the townsmen who will walk for hours to see if there is a crime or none.

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           Thief-takers were bounty hunters, paid for each criminal they delivered to the court. The fees paid to thief-takers provided the funding for the Bow Street Runners described in the text. (Introduction to Criminal Justice. Pp. 3)

            It was also during this time where sheriffs are made known and that they became the chief law enforcement officers. They were given the authority of aides to the community and pursue a lawful form of possession.

            Also, the establishment of public order through good relations between police and public was mandated during this time. They police who were working in that era were close to their own neighborhood thus making them involve in other things such as providing social services and maintaining crime rates low and peace high.

      It was however; during the professional era that police became a separate entity to the people they are serving. They were more mobile that time because they are now using cars to serve the people.

      The fight of this era did not only focus on one thing but on two others. From just maintaining peace and order in a certain locality, the police unit also fought out general crimes which took event that time.

      Also, this certain era tends to reduced the influence of politicians on the operation itself and establish an avenue where there is a call for criminal advancement through the use of various technology which are in all way effective in all ways.

Order is an important issue for citizens, and police spend more time responding to calls for assistance for personal disturbances, family arguments, lost pets, unusual situations, and similar events than they do responding to serious crimes. (Introduction to criminal Justice. Pp 4)

      This era utilized the use of a watchman policing since there are examples where the police are shown as someone who are involve in making rounds in a particular community and from there, they are asked to police the locality by being watchful and always on the go.

      The current and most recent policing era that is in use is the community era. It is where the police and the community go well together and fight crime on a partnership basis making crime rates go down and peace and order shoot high.

      Additionally, this era holds true of the findings in the flank pledge system where it says, effective crime fighting should involve the community or the citizen. It is in a way a mutual understanding of taking peace and order situation carefully and effectively.

      It uses the legalistic type of approach since they get the command from their superiors and the Supreme Court on what to do on things that have happened within their respective jurisdiction.

Imagine that you are a police management consultant who has been hired by a state government to provide advice on the appropriate police policy to implement in several different jurisdictions. For each of the areas described below, recommend either the watchman, legalistic, or service style, and provide an explanation which supports your recommendation. In addition, recommend a patrol strategy (preventive patrol, directed patrol, aggressive patrol, or problem-oriented patrol) for each of the areas. Support your recommendation.
A large city with a dense, ethnically diverse population and a high unemployment rate. The city as a whole has a high crime rate, but the most serious crime is located in a few extremely poor neighborhoods.
The watchman style should be used in this kind of situation. It is believed that a watchman policing unit tends to be making rounds on different areas or at the very least be posted in a specific area where crime rates are high. There is nothing more effective than having a visible entity of crime prevention because the people tend to believe what they see.

                  An aggressive patrol should be used alongside the watchman style of policing. The use of such will enable the people, especially the trouble-makers, to have some kind of reluctance to do crimes since they are aware that the patrol will not let them go no matter what reason they give for doing such thing.

                  Another is that the people will be more aloof on committing crimes because they would know that the police will not make them escape from the crime that they did to other members of the community.

A small town of a few thousand residents, most of whom are supported by a wage earner who works in the town’s one large factory. The city has a moderate crime rate, most of which is related to alcohol use on weekends.
It would be much applicable to use the legalistic style of policing since there are large factories in the community, the administration should set a certain rule on drinking alcohol during the weekends.

      Even though the community has a moderate crime rate, constant preventive patrolling should be made so that people will also have an idea that in whatever thing they do, there is always a police to prevent crimes from happening. And if there is any, the police will not have second thoughts on making the people liable for whatever crime was committed.

A suburb of 15,000 residents, most of who are supported by a wage earner with a high paying executive job that he or she must commute to each day. The area has a low crime rate but also many teenagers who are unsupervised after school.
The most appropriate to use is this kind of situation is the service style. Even if there are teenagers who are left unsupervised there should be enforcing lawmen that would make shifts every time to ensure the safety of the community.

      While, a problem-oriented patrol is most applicable to use in order to address the situation especially when teenagers are left unsupervised by school authorities. The police should also be able to make their presence known to the people to avoid any untoward incident that may cause panic and disorder in the community.


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