Lesson Plan 1 Essay

I - Lesson Plan 1 Essay introduction. OBJECTIVES
Upon completion of this lesson, the students will have to:
* Access prior knowledge about Gerund;
* Show how Gerunds are used as SUBJECT, APPOSITIVE, PREDICATE NOMINATIVE and OBJECT OF THE PREPOSITION in a sentence. * Asses the students’ knowledge and understanding of Gerunds through appropriate exercises.

* ROAD TO GREATNESS (Carlene S. Sedilla; Arcelli M. Villamin) Identifying Gerunds p.133

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Lesson Plan 1
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Materials: Cartolina, Pentel Pen, Blackboard, Chalk and Variety of Papers.


a. Routinary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Cleanliness of the classroom

b. Motivation
Playing the game called “CHARADE”using Gerunds.

c. Presentation
The teacher will ask the students if they are familiar with the game called “Charade”. After that, the teacher will discuss the mechanics of the game.
First group to make three points will win the game.

d. Discussion

GERUND –is a form of the verb ending in –ing and which act a noun.
* Courting was indeed a most trying enterprise. * Serenading is another manner of courting.
* Smoking is not permitted here.
* Debating is Fred’s favourite school activity.
1. SUBJECT- Gerund is the topic of the sentence.
* Walking is a good exercise.
* Cooking is a hobby of many famous men.
* Hiking is his favourite sport.
* Driving requires good version.
* Bowling is fun.
2. DIRECT OBJECT- it answer the question “what”. It follows the S-TV-DO pattern.
* I admit losing the combination to the safe.
* He suggested starting my own agency.
* I hope they stop making so much noise so I can get some sleep. * I quit smoking six years ago.

3. PREDICATIVE NOMINATIVE- Gerund is always after the linking verb or it follows the S-LV-C pattern.
* A relaxing exercise is walking.
* Walter’s stupid habit is interrupting.
* The man’s crime was counterfeiting.

4. APPOSITIVE- It renames another noun beside it.
* I have a new hobby, walking.
* Brady’s profession, advertising is very competitive. * Denise’ hobby, skydiving is fun.

5. OBJECT OF THE PREPOSITION- Gerund always follow after a preposition.
* After an hour, he was tired walking.
* After training intensively, the guerrillas were ready for the battle.
* Before cleaning the house, Gina fed first her favourite pet cat.

e. Application
Find the gerund in each of the following sentences and identify its function.

1. Please have a drink before living.
2. They won’t tolerate trading insider information.
3. Fencing is my favourite sport.
4. Her hobby is tolerating her mother.
5. I will call you after arriving at the office.
6. Breathing is necessary.
7. Mr. Hall’s job is guiding her students.
8. I always enjoy riding a horse.
9. Watching the clock is a hard work.
10. Anna has a new talent, dancing.
f. Generalization
* Gerund is not difficult to recognize. Once you realize that they always end in –ing and function as a noun, it is a Gerund.

g. Evaluation
Encircle the Gerund in each sentence and identify its function. Write the answer before the number. 1. Tara practiced skating backward, not minding the audience. 2. Jogging is a popular form of exercise especially if you are trying to burn calories. 3. Gina got burned from sitting in the sun too long.

4. My sports, Golfing is quite an interesting and relaxing hobby. 5. I finished the assignment by skimming the chapter after reading other books on the subject. 6. Smoking cigarettes is hazardous to your health especially if you are doing it everyday. 7. My idea of relaxing is a day at the beach under the sun while reading my favourite book. 8. On holidays, my family enjoys singing together and watching entertaining shows on TV. 9. Focusing the telescope is difficult especially when you are straining your neck. 10. Rushing heads to many accidents especially if you are driving during rainy days.

Supply an appropriate Gerund to complete each sentence.
1. ____________ is my hobby.
2. ____________ has improved me a lot.
3. You can succeed by ____________ hard.
4. My father is fascinated by ____________.
5. I develop my talent, _____________ by attending classes on it. 6. I love ___________.
7. Last vacation I discovered the joy of ____________. 8. ____________ is not difficult.
9. ____________ is fun.
10. My mother loves ___________ with my father.

Prepared by:
Teacher Krizza Bielle Ademi

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