Lesson Plan for Interaction and Review: Brothers Grimm - Lesson Essay Example

Lesson Plan for Interaction and Review: Brothers Grimm

The students have had experiences reading stories before that are allegorical - Lesson Plan for Interaction and Review: Brothers Grimm introduction. In this activity students will study the vocabulary and relationships between characters in order to understand the relationship etween the story and current conditions at the time the stories were written.


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English proficiency levels: Beginners (plus four native English speakers)

Grade: 3

Standards: California Grade3:


Content Objectives: Students will deepen their understanding of the meaning of the stories in the Brother’s Grimm in the context of the current event occurring at the time they were written.  Students will try to discuss what the moral of the story is, and how that related with current

Language Objectives: Students will identify unique vocabulary in the story “Cinderella”, key figures and their importance in the stories.


Chart paper or white board will be used to create a diagram of characters in the story and how they are involved..


Fairy Godmother, spell, wishes


Begin by discussing Little Red Riding Hood. Explain the relationship between main characters and how each were important to the final outcome of the story.


Review the objectives and tell students that they will be making a flow chart of characters, hearing about history of the 1800’s in England, and unique vocabulary not used today. Give a sample flow chart.



Arrange students in groups of three and give each group one white board and marker. Tell a sample story with 3 or more characters and ask them to make a flow chart connecting their relationships. One student is designated recording secretary another will present the result to the class at large. The third group member will record class comments.


Have student groups vote to elect their most important character and their ranking. (each group may have had a different initial ranking.)


Review the summary list of all characters and relative important to the outcome of the story. Next ask students to brainstorm a moral for the story. Have them list these on the white board. Ask students to make an analogy of the story to real situation today. Ask students to talk among themselves and discuss if there is some historical condition in the 1800’s that could have motivated the story.

Teacher Notes:

Scaffold the lesson by having the important characters listed in priority for the story. Ask student groups to write a fairy tale using these same characters that leads to a totally different outcome.

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