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Lesson Plan in Biology

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Detailed Lesson Plan In Biology 1. B]actives By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1 . Identify the basic structures within a cell and their respective functions. 2. Label the parts to a cell. 3. Appreciate the Importance of various cell organelles. II-subject Matter Topic: The Different Parts of a Cell Reference: Integrative Science- Join M. Albacore up. 14-15 Ill. Procedure A. Routine Activities Teacher’s Activity -Requesting everyone to please stand for our -Glory Be to the Father and to the

Son and to the Holy prayer.

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Lesson Plan in Biology
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Rhea, please lead. Spirit as It was In the shall be world without end beginning and now and ever Amen. -Good Morning Class! B. Review _Amen -Good Morning Teacher. -Who can say something about cell? Yes Joy? -Cell is the smallest unit of life. What cell theory did you remember Ana? -The cell theory that I remembered is. . C. Motivation -Let us sing an action song, “MGM Bagel Eng Catalan”. -Aka ay may lo, Sing….

. – Aka ay may lo an aging ganglia an aging Gallant xx salaams as Macaulay

Aka ay may balalaika an aging ganglia an aging Ganglia xx Salaams as Macaulay (Bang) (Outdo) (Papa) -Aka ay may lo, may balalaika, may baying, may May outdo, may papa an Klan gallant Klan Ganglia xx Salaams as Macaulay. -Did you enjoy singing? -Yes Teacher. -What are the parts that were mentioned in the action song? Yes Kim? ;lo or Head Teacher -Another? -What else? -Next? -And? -Balalaika or Shoulder teacher -Baying or Hips teacher -Outdo or Knee teacher ;Papa or Feet teacher -Very Good In the song.

Membrane is like the security guard who ensures that the right transactions are done in the company. -How about this part? What do you call -That is the nucleus teacher. This? Yes -Yes. Very Good! And what is the -The nucleus controls all activities of the cell. Function of the nucleus? Yes, May? -Yes. Very Good. Like the manager in a factory, the nucleus controls all activities of the cell. -And lastly, where is the cytoplasm in this Illustration, who can point? Yes Sam? -What is the function of cytoplasm? Yes Early? It nourishes the other parts of the cell. -Yes. Correct. So therefore, the cytoplasm represents the workforce of a factory. It includes the production, packaging and warehouse departments. -Why do you think we need to study the -It is very important in order to appreciate its basic parts of the cell? Functions. -Did you understand class? -Yes teacher. E. Exercises Label the parts of a cell and give its functions. IV. Evaluation Enumerate tallest 5 organelles and give its functions. Study the structures of Plant and Animal Cells.

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