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Lesson plan newborn screening

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I. Lesson Guide


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Lesson plan newborn screening
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II. Competencies

To enhance the awareness and knowledge about Newborn screening To be familiar with the possible genetic metabolic disorders present at birth


At the end of every learning session, the students would be able to:

Know the importance of Newborn screening
Recite the goal of Newborn Screening
Know the law that mandates Newborn screening here in the Philippines Identify common disorders detected through Newborn screening Ask questions and state predictions that can be addressed through a scientific investigation.


`Topic:Newborn Screening

Material/s:PowerPoint Presentation
Paper and Pen
Lesson Hand-out
Flyers / leaflets
Baby Dummy

V. Values

Awareness about possible genetic metabolic disorders will lead to early detection and prompt treatment.

VI.ResourcesMosby Essential Concept for the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam
pp. 174
By: Ray A. Gapuz

The Internet [http://www.newbornscreening.ph/] VIILearning Process

A. Introduction

1. Class routines.
a. Opening Prayer
b. Attendance/ Roll Call
c. Review/ Touch-up Lesson
2. Set the mood for lecture and lesson discussion
3. Do motivational activity:Giving short story
Movie Presentation

B. Interaction

1. Present lectures and facilitate the discussions with note taking. This introductory lesson is a power point presentation that will require 30 minutes of the class period.
2. Students are advised to write down important information about the lecture.
3. This lesson is broken up by one demonstration and several posed questions
4. Allow students’ participation during the discussion.

C. Integration

1. Encourage all the students to perform return demonstration and answer
related exercises at the end of the lesson.

VIIIGeneralization/ Synthesis

1. Allow students to organize a mind game by group.


1. Research and study about other diseases that can be identified using newborn screening
2. Prepare a health teaching plan to pregnant mothers explaining the benefit of newborn screening
3. Review and be ready for a long quiz.

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Lesson plan newborn screening. (2016, Jul 22). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/lesson-plan-newborn-screening/

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