Letter to notify you about lessons at our school not being very practical Essay

Dear Mr - Letter to notify you about lessons at our school not being very practical Essay introduction. Principal

I am writing up this letter to notify you about lessons at our school not being very practical. Please give this topic some consideration.

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Letter to notify you about lessons at our school not being very practical
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Firstly, a practical component adds fun to the lesson. With practical lessons the whole class will be on task and will contribute to the lesson because it is fun. This will teach students a new way to learn, it will motivate them to learn. Students can also use practical activities at home. To help them revise or just for general knowledge.

Others might say that practical lessons will give children an excuse to not do homework, but this is not a problem. I prepared a questionnaire which was sent out to parents and students to do with lessons being practical, I asked them whether or not they would like practical lessons, majority of them said yes, but the rest said no. So I have created a new way to study, so that everyone gets what they want. People might also say that students won’t take their grades seriously, but I believe that this will take the pressure off students, so they don’t get tensed and have more time to do social things.

As I mentioned above the majority of students at our school want a practical component added to the lesson and the rest don’t. I can fix this; I call it “The one hour plan.” Students will get the first half of the lesson to do practical things, such as a math game or a science game and the second half of the lesson will be used to do actual work. This will take the pressure of school off children, giving them more time to revise for a test or go out and do something sporty. To sum it all up, with the one hour plan children can have a fun lesson, where everyone contributes and learns something and we can have a serious lesson where children work silently and the teacher in charge can have a rest. Also this will give teachers a chance to have some fun with student. They can have some bonding time with students.

Some might say, children will give teachers the same status that they give children their age just because the teacher has a fun lesson with them. Well, I am not saying that teachers have to behave the same way as children do, teachers could still be strict during the practical period. Also the teacher in charge could be fun during the practical period and during the serious period the teacher could be strict. Some teachers might say that parents won’t agree with the fun component, but I sent out a questionnaire to parents as well regarding this issue, the majority thought it was a good idea.

They said maybe this is what our children need. One parent was worried about her child, her child didn’t get enough sleep because he was either revising for a test or doing homework, she said that he wouldn’t even go out to do some sport or play with his friends. I sent her an email regarding her situation, telling her that everything will be alright.

In conclusion, I think that children should have more practical time during lessons, this could help them in a huge way, they can have more social time with friends and family, there will be less pressure on them and they could revise for tests or past lessons with this technique. Once again please give this topic some consideration.

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