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Level 3 Cypw Essays

Duty of care/health and safety SHC 34: 1. 1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in your own work role A duty of care is a legal requirement on an individual requiring that they keep to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could harm others. For me as a nursery nurse it means I have a duty of care to protect any children in my care from any harm, this will be achieved using the standards that I have learned from the courses and learning that I have achieved.
All children have the right to be kept safe and as a nursery nurse it is my duty to ensure that the children in my care are not exposed to any dangers whilst in my setting. ‘The fundamental obligation that anyone working in child care, whatever the type of service and whatever their role, is to keep children safe’. (Hopkins. m (2006) duty of care, what do we mean by duty of care vol 9 no 1) SHC 34: 1. 2 Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals Having a duty of care should guarantee the safeguarding of children in my care. his means I may have to do Risk Assessments which are carrying out and reviewing risk assessments for all of the activities we do and places we visit ensures that thought and concern is given to how we do things every day, this way I ensure risks concerning equipment, venues and activities are minimised and therefore reducing the risk of injury or harm to the children and myself. Recognising potential hazards and eliminating them, this could include infectious diseases too. e have Policies and Procedures which would have clear rules and boundaries to ensure that both adults and children (who are able to understand) know how to conduct themselves within the setting, by this I mean not behaving in ways that could cause distress or harm to others within the setting. Understanding signs of neglect/abuse – as a child care professional, I have a duty of care to all children that should I notice any signs/indicators of abuse or neglect that I report it the relevant people to protect the child.
It is important that I understand and that I am able to recognise these signs. Making observations and assessing children: by doing this I am able to check to see if individual children are progressing and developing at suitable rates, if not so then I would need to take relevant action in partnership with the parents and /or other agencies and professionals.
Therefore a good understanding of a child’s development stages is essentialTraining and development is kept on going ensuring that my qualifications and training with regards to first aid and safeguarding procedures are up to date and regularly retested or reviewed to ensure that I am refreshed. ‘Safeguarding children and young people is a responsibility for all of society, including those who work in the NHS and particularly those where children and young people are most likely to present’. http://www. nhserewash. com/safeguarding/CIRC_Full%20Toolkit. pdf (21/10/2012)

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