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    The author use five studies case from five anonymous companies to prove that most small company is very competent with the physical information, however lacking of the capabilities of strategically integrating information system with the business and the competitive partners which explain the reason why the company couldn’t raise into the competitive market which could lead to the success market of the business. The aim of this research is to define the information system capabilities, competitive preference, and their connection.

    The limitation of this article is that it wasn’t over to long term competitive preference of validation hypotheses and business determination. However, this article will benefit to my research as it’s relevant to answer my case study question number 1 . 6 E-UZI Johann, S, Guan, J, Barker, R, & Faults, D 2013, ‘Requirements Fulfillment: A Missing Link between Requirements Determination and User Acceptance’, Information Systems Management, 30, 1, up. 63-74, Business Source Complete, viewed 19 March 2014. In this article, Johann et al. 2013) review the important of information requirements which needed to be fulfilled in order to the success of information system. The authors use the data of RID to identify the requirement to match with type of users. Their research is focused on requirement bias such as resource constraints, information asymmetry and user group influence. This article is useful to answer my case study question number 4 as Johann et al. (2013) point out that to fulfill information requirement could lead to greater business success.

    The author’s research focuses on define the strategy, resources, and capabilities to relate to management information system. The author provides a strong theoretical of flexibility-based theory that it would enhance the effective of the firm’s ability. In conclusion, the author has predicted the concurrence between strategy information system and strategy management field in order to be more specific and implementation. In particular, this article will assist to answer my case study question number 2.

    Leila Trap, AN 2011 , ‘Staff Attitudes to Talking Openly About Ethical Dilemmas: The Role of Business Ethics Conceptions and Trust’, Journal Of Business Ethics, 103, 4, up. 543-552, Business Source Complete, viewed 19 March 2014. Leila Trap (2011) reviews the study of business ethics conception and trust to solve the problem within the organization. The research was based on different people on different occupation who came from different organization.

    The study show that attitudes could be manipulate by conceptualization of business ethics and consistent of trust. In particular, this study includes participants from Brazil and Denmark to make a comparison. Moreover, the authors clarify that the volume of the group defines business ethics such as rules and laws. The limitation of this study is that it studied on the small number of people which he result could change when the study was take place the bigger quantity. In conclusion, this article is useful for my case study question number 5.

    The authors aim to make a comparison on each article and point out the process conceptualization could change according to time period and what activities they could do to maintain the daily organization. The limitation of this article is that it wasn’t cover the individual level as it was concentrated more on group level, organization level, and institutional level. However, because the research information is up to date and from a reliable source so it will be useful to solve the answer for my case study question number 6.

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