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Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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Content Objectives: EARL 4. 2: Demonstrates and analyzes the connections between the arts and other content areas EARL 4 LSI: Life Science. Big Idea: Structure and Functions of Living Organisms (LSI). Core Content: Plant and Animal Parts Motivations: I will first ask the class how many of them have ever seen a butterfly before, and ask one of the students to describe to me what the butterfly looked like. I will then ask if anyone knows where butterflies come from, but will make sure to tell them just to raise their hand rather than shout out their answer.

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Life Cycle of a Butterfly
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I will then tell them to close their eyes and imagine the story I am about to tell them about how butterflies come to be: “Once upon a time, there was an itty bitty egg lying on a leaf of a plant. What do you guys think the egg is going to hatch?! (They may say a butterfly, so I will continue my story). When the egg hatches, out comes a caterpillar! This is the second stage of a butterfly’s life cycle, and all they do is eat.

When the caterpillar is done growing, they form themselves into a pupa, also known as a chrysalis or cocoon (Ask the class what they think the caterpillar is doing inside the chrysalis).

Inside the chrysalis, the old body parts of the caterpillar are undergoing a remarkable transformation, called ‘metamorphosis. This is the third stage! When the caterpillar is done changing, out comes a butterfly! The butterfly has wings, unlike the caterpillar, and they can fly. Materials Needed: Each student will need four pieces of construction paper which will be used to draw each of the four stages. Markers, crayons, and colored pencils will be available to the students to use to create their drawing. Resources: Basil, Donna.

Personal Interview. 20 2013. “Integrating Art Into Other Content Areas. ” Lesson Planet: The Search Engine for Teachers. Education Planet, Inc. , n. d. Web. 20 Feb 2013. <http://www. lessonplanet. com/article/elementary-art/integrating-art-into-other-content-areas>. Jones, Randi. “Butterfly Life Cycle / Butterfly Metamorphosis. ” The Butterfly Site. Butterfly & Nature Gift Store, Inc. Web. 20 Feb 2013. <http://www. thebutterflysite. com/life-cycle. shtml>. Washington. Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Online Grade Level Standards and Resources. Olympia: 2010. Web. http://standards. ospi. k12. wa. us/ContentListByGrade. aspx? subject=10,PE&gl=27>. Process and Procedure: After describing a butterfly’s life cycle to the children, I will explain to them that we are going to do an art project that will help us understand and visualize the four different stages of their lifespan. I will tell each student to grab four pieces of paper and the drawing utensils they wish to use for their pictures. I will demonstrate to them up on the overhead or smart-bored how I would draw the four stages, and then tell them that it is their turn.

I would keep the sketches simple and easy. I would demonstrate how to draw the caterpillar, for example, as simple as possible and without color so they will have enough time to color the picture in themselves, making it their own. I will leave my examples on my desk in case they need to look at them again. Expanding Opportunities: As my students continue on their educational road towards the future, they will be introduced to and taught about other forms of life and the cycles they undergo along the way, including the human lifespan.

Introducing and discussing the four different stages of a butterfly’s lifecycle at such a young age will help them begin to think about animals in another life. It will eventually lead to their understanding that living things are always undergoing change, even if you can’t see it. This lesson also an entry way into biology, the study if life, for they will at some point in time learning more about the intricate stages of plants, animals, and humans.

I could connect this lesson to other content areas by implementing some math terminology into the lesson. The egg they will draw, for example, will either be a circle or oval shape, and I could emphasize that they are using shapes in their drawing. The caterpillar as well could be made out of a succession of circles or ovals to make the body. If I directed them to color the body of the caterpillar with alternating colors, then I would be integrating patterns into the lesson as well.

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