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Life Is an Echo All Comes Back to You Sample

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Reliability and convenience from the company most recognized for advanced merchandises. • The industry pioneer in driving new designs to market • Always polishing current engineerings for maximal market impact • Almost a half century of experience in residential H2O conditioning equipment. concentrating on independent H2O intervention professionals

Satisfaction guaranteedAll the assurance and peace of head with the GE 5-year guarantee.

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Life Is an Echo All Comes Back to You Sample
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Service simplenessEntree to the full valve is accomplished with merely two screwdrivers ( Phillips and Torx ) .

Tough under force per unit areaNoryl® .

the thermoplastic rosin developed by GE. provides exceeding corrosion opposition and precision-fit constituents.

Measured public presentationBall-and-seat controls deliver consistent backwashing in all armored combat vehicle sizes at all force per unit area rates.

Easy entryEasy to entree and adjust the refill control.

1-2-3- cleanTwo-piece injector screen for fast. easy cleansing.

Smooth operatorAutotrol® Duraflow™ engineering features a frictionless seal for longer life.Excellent for applications with high turbidness and suspended solids.

Sealed to perfectionHeat weld adhering protects against micro-leaks and ensures old ages of dependable operation.

Measured public presentationOne-piece injector provides accurate flow rate in the brining rhythm and is color-coded for easy designation.

Residential Valve BodiesThe 255 and Performa series provide H2O conditioning professionals with a valve solution for virtually every residential application. • Engineered to surpass other trade names in public presentation and service life • Built with the concern professional in head – fast installing and quicker service calls increase net income • Multiple accountant options available at a assortment of monetary value points • Noryl® . the thermoplastic rosin developed by GE. provides exceeding corrosion opposition and precision-fit constituents

Autotrol™ 255 Series – 3/4-inch portsEasy on the H2OEfficient valve design decreases the sum of H2O required for regeneration.

Do non upsetTank arranger permits disjunction from valve without upseting the rosin bed.

A steady watercourse3/4-inch port opening provides good softener flow public presentation.

A clear positionIncludes a clear-sight air cheque for easy brine line troubleshooting.

Performa Series – 1-inch portThe name says it allPerforma means public presentation – big one-inch ports for high-flow applications.

Three and outValve rapidly alterations from softener to filtrate application in three easy stairss.

Fewer the betterDesigned with fewer service parts than any valve of comparable map – longer life. shorter service calls.

Easier to serviceBypass fond regard makes care exceptionally fast.

Valve 255 Valve Performa Valve ( 268 ) Logix and 900 Performa Filter Valve ( 263 ) Performa Cv ( 278 )

Inlet/Outlet 1- or 3/4-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch

Riser Diameter 1- or 13/16-inch 1-inch 1-inch 1-inch

Service Flow at 15 pounds per square inchs gpm m3h 15 25 25 25 3. 4 5. 7 5. 7 5. 7

Backwash at 25 pounds per square inchs gpm m3h 6. 0 20 20 20 1. 36 7. 3 7. 3 7. 3

Backwash Capabilities 6 – 14-inch Tanks 7 – 14-inch Tanks 7 – 14-inch Tanks 7 – 24-inch Tanks

Residential AccountantsGE Infrastructure builds the most technologically-advanced valve accountants for the residential market. • Controls for any application: mechanical. simple electronic. and advanced control electronics • Electronic controls characteristic safe. low-voltage ( 12V ) operation – higher electromotive force controls are besides available • Single- or twin-tank applications

Logix accountants lead the mannerThe Logix Controller is unrivaled in simpleness and is easier to plan than any other electronic accountant on the market. In fact. it’s every bit simple as puting an dismay clock! Patented. alone engineering places the Logix in a category non shared by any other maker.

Calendar of events Seven is a victorNew 7-cycle high-efficiency regeneration sequence exceeds 4100 g. p. p. The Logix Controller learns the owner’s H2O use forms in the 28-day variable modesty manner. virtually vouching uninterrupted soft H2O.

Remote controlRemote mount kit allows programming faculty to be installed up to 40 pess off.

Fill ‘er upOptional no-salt sensor can be added to the accountant.

The large image Rain or reflectOptional weatherproof inline transformer available for out-of-door installings. LCD read-out shows big. high-contrast numbers and icon artworks.

The touch of convenienceThe Logix is factory-programmed with complete salt tabular arraies and operational parametric quantities. Simply plan the rosin volume. put the timing agenda and input the salt and hardness informations – it’s that easy!

Good for concernEasy to understand agencies faster developing. Simple set-up agencies faster installing. Logix makes sense for turning your concern.

Controller SeriesGE offers a full scope of valve accountants to run into all residential water-conditioning applications.

Logix Series740 Time Clock • Simple. economic electronic clip clock ( chronometric ) • 7- or 99-day regeneration puting • High efficiency regeneration sequence • 12-volt operation • Filter or conditioner scene in one control • Operates 255. 263. 268 with one accountant 742 Time Clock Same features as the 740 clip clock. plus: • Fully programmable rhythm times • Salt puting in 1-pound increases • Optional no-salt sensor • Operates 255. 263. 268. 278. and Magnum IT with one accountant 760 Demand • Simple. economic electronic demand ( volumetric ) • Calendar override • 12-volt operation • 28-day variable modesty • High efficiency regeneration sequence • Automatic capacity computations • Operates 255. 263. 268 with one accountant 762 Demand Same features as the 760. plus: • Fully programmable rhythm times • Salt puting in 1-pound increases • Optional no-salt sensor • Operates 255. 263. 268. 278. and Magnum IT with one accountant

400 Seriess440i Time Clock • Value priced. dependable mechanical control • Time-clock regeneration • Set it and bury it • 12-volt or 120-volt versions available • 6- or 7-day regeneration • Operates 255. 263. 268 valves Control Valve Capabilities Controller 440i Time Clock 460i Demand 740 Time Clock 760 Demand 742 Time Clock 762 Demand 255 Conditioner X X X X X X 263 Filter X X X X X

460i Time Clock • Economical electronic-demand control • Simple set-up and programming • Calendar override • 12-volt operation • 7-day variable modesty • Operates 255. 268 valves

Valve Body268 Conditioner X X X X X X 278 Conditioner

Control Valve FeaturesController 440i 460i 740 760 742 762 5 Regeneration Type Time Clock Demand Time Clock Demand Time Clock Demand Cycles Fixed Fixed Computer Adjusted Computer Adjusted Fully Programmable Fully Programmable Reserve Time Clock 7-Day Variable Time Clock 28-Day Variable Time Clock 28-Day Variable Voltage 12 or 120 12 12 12 12 12

Residential Pressure TanksGE professional series armored combat vehicles go the excess measure to guarantee householders the ultimate in public presentation and permanent quality. Team up the GE professional series armored combat vehicles and control valves for an unbeatable bundle. • Superior in every manner. this pro-quality armored combat vehicle is the pick for householders desiring the really best • Available sizes up to 36 inches in diameter and 72 inches in tallness. with a 2-1/2- or 4-inch armored combat vehicle gap

Lightweight title-holderReinforced composite building makes this tank one-third the weight of steel armored combat vehicles and comparable in strength.

Stamp of blessingNSF enfranchisement – This H2O softener force per unit area vas is tested and certified by NSF against NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for stuff and structural unity demands merely.

Safety wrapTank building of thermoplastic composite rosin and wrapped in high-tensile filament twists.

Quality guaranteed10-year guarantee in residential installings.

Inner strengthHigh-strength polythene line drive in thicknesses from 0. 150? ( 3. 8mm ) to 0. 30? ( 7. 6mm ) .

Great under force per unit areaBurst proving up to four times the rated operating force per unit area ( 150 pounds per square inch ) .

The trial of clipCycle tested up to 250. 000 times ( scope: 10 to 150 pounds per square inch ) .

Preventive stepFiberglass Shell

Exclusive. extended armored combat vehicle liner straight seals against the valve organic structure. which virtually eliminates the possibility of leaks.

1-Piece Liner

Polypropylene Threads

Valve non included

AccessoriesBetter the public presentation and widen the life of your Professional Series Control Valves No-Salt Detector Always know when you’re out of salt with this Logix accoutrement. Turbulator Increase rosin bed public presentation with the turbulator.

Protective Covers A complete line of screens to protect your valves.

I-Lid Cover 440/460 Controls

L-Lid Cover for 255 Valves

Logix Cover

Cosmetic Logix Skirt Covers

Logix Outdoor Cover

Custom Color Covers Available

Bypass Valves Simplify care with the usage of a beltway valve.

1265 Performa

256 For 255 Valves

Tube Arrangers and Plumbing Connections Tubing arrangers and manifolds for every plumbing type.

Copper Tube Adapters 3/4. 1. 1-1/4-inch. 22. 28 millimeter

CPVC Tube Adapter 3/4-inch. 1-inch. 25 millimeter

Plastic Threaded Adapter 3/4-inch. 1-inch NPT. BSPT

Brass Adapter 3/4-inch. 1-inch BSPT. NPT

Male Manifold 3/4-inch. 1-inch NPT. BSPT ( 255 valve )

Turbine Manifold and Female Manifold 3/4-inch. NPT. BSPT ( 255 valve )

Wall Mount Kit Mount up to 40 pess off from Logix

Drain Line Flow Controls

External DLFC

Electrical Options 12-volt power arrangers and exchange kits are available for about any location or demand.

Standard Wall Mount

Outdoor Transformer

Under Top-Plate Transformer

Relay Switch Mount-to-Top-Plate

Auxiliary Switch Kits

North American Gross saless 5730 N. Glen Park Road Milwaukee. WI 53209-4403 USA ( 262 ) 238-4400 Phone ( 262 ) 238-4402 Fax

For More Information: Call GE Infrastructure Water & A ; Process Technologies ; Household Water Group at ( 262 ) 238-4400 or ( 800 ) 279-9404. or see World Wide Web. gewater. com/equipment/valve/index. jsp

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