Life is like an ocean Essay

The ocean. This is the object/place that I could compare with my life. Life is unpredictable and there are also waves like the ocean. There are calm days and there are rough days. Sometimes it’s warm and inviting, but sometimes it’s cold and scary. The ocean is deep and there is much to explore. And also is life. There are so many things to explore, but we can only experience all this things if we go inside it.

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Life is like an ocean
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Every mime you go inside it, you learn new things and this things could make you grow up and can teach you some things. Some of us are afraid of what will happen because we don’t know what’s next. “What if I can’t? What if I fail? What if they laugh at me? What if I get hurt? ” This questions are some of those hindrance of solving our challenges in life. We should not overreact and all we have to do is Just think about It.

If we make the bad decision then we should not blame others, we must need to sail gain through the rough parts of it until we already achieve it. It can pull us under, but we can still rise if we really want that our dreams will come true. My life can be compared to ocean. It’s always moving, and having ups and downs, long, and big. We also meet different creatures while exploring that can help us. Even if it is full of problems, we should still enjoy It. Life Is an ocean of experiences. You should dive right In!

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