Life of Job: Examination and Comparison

Life of Job: Examination and Comparison


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            Job as a biblical character reminded Bible-believing Christians on how one man endured sufferings and remain faithful in times of great difficulties. His story are just one of the most memorable and enduring narration in the Bible. It raised a lot of questions and also revealed some information on God’s power and control over one’s life.

            The case of Job was one of a kind and rare but not really exceptional. We remembered how the misfortunes happened all at the same time in his life. As the Bible described, Job was a good man that avoids evil and have reverence to God. He was blessed by God in many ways, with children, good reputation and wealth. He had many sheeps, camels, donkeys and other animals not to mention the number of his servants. Job was considered the wealthiest man of his time. But how come he was struck with terrible tribulations one after the other. He lost all his animals and servants, his dear children all perish and the most difficult one was that of he had a severe skin disease. By imagining his situation, one will surely turn weak and lost their faith in God. Probably you will wish to die or even pronounce a curse to God.

            It has been very a long time since scholars and many Christians tried to figure out the mystery behind the life of Job. We can make comparison of it on today’s modern society. What similarities and differences can we see? How do we view the message of the life of Job? How can we apply it to some particular events or situation in our world today?  Were some of the questions in our minds.

            The book of Job offers insights to its readers which are useful for us to understand life, sufferings, blessings even God and Satan. It shared wisdom and teaches people how to react in times of difficulty.  Life of Job provided some practical applications that can be seen and observed today. The life of Job also revealed that God can certainly allow negative things to happen in our lives.

Job’s Story and our Modern Day Society

            Most of our beliefs were that if we are good and faithful to God, God will surely bless us. God will keep us from trouble and there will be showers of blessings. We also believe that evil doers will pay the consequences of their actions. We also believe that God brings us to trouble because we fail to please him.

            During the time of Job his friends keep on saying that he made a grave sin to God that’s why his undergoing that tribulation, while in reality Job is really innocent and had done nothing wrong. At present time when someone we know faces overwhelming sufferings, we also blame that person and judge him harshly and probably think that they deserve their punishment after all.

            People today like those in the time of Job are quick to judge and criticize someone undergoing unjust sufferings. We easily connect suffering to sin and punishment. We are witness to many injustices happening to people. There are good parents who die early. There are faithful servants of God that became a victim of major tragedies in life. A particular example is about a man who was put to death row without proving guilty of sin. It was from Errol Morris film, “The Thin Blue Line”. It could serve as a modern day example of Job’s story.

            People today become narrow minded and inconsiderate of others misfortunes and like Jobs friends lacked support and understanding. We certainly have ill-feelings towards people that have negative situation in life. Of course people will like you when you are okay when everything you do is right and all are going well.

            We also tend to hold back. Some people like our friends or even family will be there only when things are going right but the moment you fail they started to get cold and lost their sympathy to you. Even today people reacted the same way as during the time of Job.

Job’s Friends and Theologies

            In our modern theologies people try to explain the reason why God allows terrible things to happen to good people and also why bad people continue to live and were not being punished immediately by God. In simpler view, theologies believe that God is faithful, he will not let a good person suffer for a long time. They also said that God was a God of justice he will not let the evil go unpunished. In the bible one of Job’s friends, Bildad also hold that same point of view. Just like in Job 8:4-12 one of Job’s friend said that maybe his children sinned against God and punish them. It also mentioned about the character of God that he only punished the sinful.

Success and Faithfulness according to the Book of Job

            In the last part of the book of Job in chapter 42, after the Lord spoke and answered Job, he finally realized and acknowledged the greatness and power of God. He realized he have no right to question His wisdom. He asked the Lord for forgiveness. Meanwhile the Lord became angry with Eliphaz and the other two because they didn’t exalt God or reveal the truth about His goodness. At the last part we found that the Lord forgave Job and blessed his life again. He brought back his health and everything he had before.

            Everything that happened to him was allowed by God. He tested Job’s credibility and character. By this example we learned that God really knows who is faithful to him. God just observed how we reacted to different situations. The Lord’s saw Job’s reaction in times of trouble as well as his friends, his wife and the other people around him. Both great distress and abundant blessings happened to jobs life. Job learned that he was merely a human to question the character of God.


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