Life of Pi Essay - Part 8

The world’s natural resources are balanced by the humans need for survival - Life of Pi Essay introduction. Martel suggests this theory in his book “The life of Pi” because it can relate to how humans today go in a balance life relationship with the world’s natural resources. Although humans currently comprise only a minuscule proportion of the total living biomass on Earth, the human effect on nature is disproportionately large. Because of the extent of human influence, the boundaries between what humans regard as nature and “made environments” is not clear cut except at the extremes.

Even at the extremes, the amount of natural environment that is free of discernible human influence is presently diminishing at an increasingly rapid pace. Pi the main character shares a life boat with Richard Parker (the tiger) when their ship sank to the bottom of ocean. The fear Pi grows starts to increase every moment he shares with the tiger because of being eaten or attacked. Martel shows how when things go out of balance in the world then the way of life starts to cooperate for benefit of surviving.

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Clearly, the development of technology by the human race has allowed the greater exploitation of natural resources and has helped to alleviate some of the risk from natural hazards. In spite of this progress, however, the fate of human civilization remains closely linked to changes in the environment. There exists a highly complex feedback loop between the use of advanced technology and changes to the environment that are only slowly becoming understood.

The problem that humans start doing is threating the Earth’s natural environment by pollution, deforestation, and disasters such as the oil spill that occurred in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico, which was one of the most damaging events to our ecosystem since the Global warming was produced by greenhouse gases. These disasters can relate to one disaster that take place in the story of Pi, which changes the food chain to survival mode.

Martel depicts the tiger and other animals as nature being the predator on humans which is PI, but when a disaster strikes survival becomes the only concern for the both of them. Pi’s fear is tempered somewhat by Richard Parker’s unexpected and welcome snort, a tiger’s way of stating that his intentions are benevolent. Rather than demonstrating his pure animalistic behavior, but Richard Parker starts indicate sings of willingness to negotiate. This negotiation builds Pi’s character to train he tiger and help each other in the survival situation that they are in. Meaning when the earth is slowly dyeing and life is at steak then humans can learn to cooperate with nature for survival. The movement of Pi (humans) and Richard Parker (Nature) toward one another is the literal lessening of cooperating together for the benefit of survival, underscores a message that Martel suggests that humans and nature work together to keep the force of life going.

Today, humans employ nature for both leisure and economic activities. The acquisition of natural resources for industrial use remains the primary component of the world’s economic system. We build economic system to build a relationship of exchange and balance. Nature has always worked one way while humans continue to find new ways to change the force of life by missing with nature by control it, but in a situation where survival is the key to life then the rules are changed.

Martel has built zoomorphic ambiguity right into their names, pointing out quite strongly the gray area between humanity and nature. Overall, Martel’s story “The life of Pi” relates to how mankind’s responsibility to different nature conservancies has to balance with the world’s natural resources. The several issues that humans have been making on the environment are the problems to the ecosystems, wildlife, and our natural resources. Today, things have been taken to action in order to cooperate with nature for our survival.

The human element has been a big part of the changes to our natural resources because of the development of technology and business. Pi being the boy he is, has set the example that a pure heart like his can change for the better good in order to save the lives of himself and Richard. The will to live has been proven in the story when one boy is struggling to survive through seemingly insurmountable odds. The story explains an ongoing effect on the complete dependence on humans and our natural resources.

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