Linguistics reading response paper (Italy) Essay

 Linguistics reading response paper (Italy) The Italian language is spoken by over 65 million people in Italy and beyond. It is a well known language in foreign countries, and is used for communication in many immigrant communities in Canada, northern Africa, Argentina, Australia, and the United States.The Italian language is seen by many as a romance language, and early literary materials of this language date as far back as the tenth century.

Standard Italian is based on the dialect of the Tuscan, and the language was initially adopted as the literary language of Italian geographic regions, but later became the official language of all Italian regions.

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Linguistics reading response paper (Italy)
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Standard Italian dialect does leave its traces in dialectical speech, as dialectical words are acceptable in standard Italian. For example, the word tortellini which means a kind of pasta, originates from Emilia (Zolli)Aside from the standard Italian dialect, there are various other Italian dialects, which are scattered all over the Italian speaking countries and territories.

Some of these dialects sound like the national language, but some are quite remote, like the Italian dialects spoken in the isles.

The major Italian dialects are the northern, central southern and the Sardinian dialects. The Sardinian dialect is seen in some sectors as an entirely different language from Italian.  

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