Listening Skills Essay

Listening Skills

It is a matter of fact that listening is able to make the process of communication more effective and may create the necessary atmosphere leading to successes - Listening Skills Essay introduction. Nowadays listening is more effective than simply hearing as attentive listening provides many benefits. While hearing a person simply absorbs information without any comprehending or judging, whereas listening allows a person to make a sense of what have been said and to comprehend (to understand) what a person is saying. Listening gives a persona n opportunity to understand what someone is “talking about”. Actually, listening is effective, because it provides better understanding of assignment and expectations; ensures building rapport with clients and bosses; shows support and attention; provides better work in team-based environment and, finally, allows finding underlying meanings. Therefore, it is apparent that listening is rather important in contemporary highly-competitive environment. it is suggested that if a person wants to succeed, he should develop his communication skills and special attention should be paid exactly to listening.

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It is known that every listening process consists of three steps: hearing, understanding and judging. Actually, I think I am strong in both understanding and judging, whereas hearing is my weak point. I am a person with analytic mindset and thus it is easier for me to comprehend and to judge the messages received. Nevertheless, I should improve hearing to achieve better succeed in communication process. Hearing is blocked sometimes for several reasons: language differences, prejudice, noise, worry, fear, dreaming, flittering, etc. therefore, in order to improve listening skills it is necessary, for example, to maintain eye contact, not to interrupt the speaker, to sit still, to nod head when appropriate, to repeat instructions, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to involve active listening to make sender aware that you are listening by paraphrasing or clarifying certain points; listening with empathy by realizing that sharing information is vulnerable.


Hargie, Owen.  (2003). Skilled Interpersonal Communication: Research, Theory, and Practice. London: Routledge.





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