Literary techniques

In this essay, I will be discussing about literary techniques. Having literary techniques is good for the writings. There are always suppose to have a literary technique in a writing. People use certain type of literary techniques in a certain type of writing. Such as a mediator for a poem. People use literary techniques to create more dynamics by putting more excitement, emotions, and speculation.. People use literary techniques to create more dynamic by putting more excitement in to the writing. Putting more dynamics in writing create more excitement.

Without excitement, the writing will be monotonous. “He was standing in the middle of a lizard nest. He felt the scream explode inside of him” (Sacra). Stanley was standing in a pit full of yellow spotted lizards that can kill him in a single bite. This connects to what I’m saying of more excitement in writings. That is why literary techniques create dynamics by adding more excitement. In addition of putting more excitement, we could put more emotions in writings too. People use literary techniques to create more dynamics by putting more emotions. Putting emotions adds more dynamics. Without emotion, the writing will be motionless. Tree-Ear’s Joy at being forgiven was like a wasp of smoke”(L. S. Park). Tree-ear was so emotional when he had a chance to work with a famous person with pottery. This is how it connects with literary techniques because it contains emotion. Putting more emotion is how there will be more dynamics. Putting more emotions and excitement will not improve your writing be great. Adding some speculations is better. Without speculations, the reader will not have a period of time, where they will be able to guess about what will happen in the future. The poem ” the road not taken” by Robert Frost, shows the speculations.

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Yet knowing how ways lead onto way, I doubted if I should ever comeback” Robert Frost. The narrator needed to think which way to go and which one is better. This is how speculations effect on the way your writing is. The book” the single shard” by Linda Sue Park is included in this essay. “A single shard” is mainly about pottery. A boy name Tree-ear watching a professional potter make pots. Deeper l. The story, Tree-ear starts working for Min (the famous potter) for he broke one of his famous vase. Things doesn’t go the way he want to. For example”chopping wood for hours without a single bite of food to eat had been hard enough” L.

S. Park. The missionary came and and liked the work Min was making so Tree-ear was assigned for the Job. He had to carry the vase to Song. He gets the work he dreams for . The dream was making pottery. This book is one of my favorite because it’s about a boy who works none stop trying to achieve his dream which he gets. In the book “holes” by Louis Cheery is about Stanley going to camp green lake. Stanley was accused for stealing a famous baseball player’s shoes which he chooses camp green lake for he had never been to camp. At first sighting of camp green lake made him confuse. There was no lake to be seen in miles.

He has to dig 5 feet deep holes and 5 feet wide holes as for the supervisors think that digging holes will improve the kids character. As this goes on he has been finding this such as fish bone and also the bones of a famous criminal, Kissing Kate Barlow. He than finds out that Kissing Kate Barlow and stole treasure from his great-great-grandfather, then he find out he was not guilty. He must have broke the curse that was put to is family the decades ago by Madame Zeroing. The poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about a traveler 6. Coming up to a divergent on the road. He thinks on which one he should take and the outcome.

For example” yet not knowing how ways will lead onto way, I doubted if I should ever come back” by Robert Frost. The traveler looks on each of the diverge road to see where it would lead. He still thinks on which way to go. To summarize the stories “The Single Shard” and “Holes”, the poem “The Road Not Taken”, In the ” Single Shard” by Linda Sue Park, Tree-ear follows his dreams which is life, “Holes” by Louis Cheery, Stanley is getting blamed at, which is also life. The poem ” The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost’s is about making the right decision. Following dreams, getting blamed at, and making the right decision is all about life.

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