Live Musical Performances Essay

                                               Live Musical Performances

            I once attended a cultural music festival, in my hometown, where the theme was gospel music.

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Live Musical Performances
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            What I liked about the performances, was the fact that the performers would only perform one to two songs and then another performer would take the stage with another great song and group of musicians that were entirely different from the previous performers that most had heard on Gospel Music Award Shows - Live Musical Performances Essay introduction. (Gospel Music Association, 2007)

            The instruments that were being played in the festive event were guitars; banjos, fiddles, harps, flutes and violins.  Each performer seemed very proud to display their musical talent and it was so much fun watching them enjoy themselves.

            The only thing that I didn’t like about the performance was a few of the performers were extremely loud and they still insisted on using their microphones.

            The performers didn’t wear costumes.  Everyone wore their everyday clothes to the music festival.

            The stage was set up by a few of the local people who built it from wood that was donated from the town and there were several volunteers who aided in building it from scratch.  There were no special lighting effects or background scenery. It was just a plain, ordinary stage made from the hands of the townspeople.

            The selections that the performers chose were well selected. There was a huge variety of performances some with singers and others that only had musicians playing their instruments.

            I strongly feel that the selections of music that were chosen by the performers were influenced by other performers. Most of the musical compositions were those borrowed from other gospel musicians and the music wasn’t composed like some heard on well-known gospel albums, such as the “Gospel Music” album.

            The musicians were most likely influenced by society by the performers attending other gospel festivals, locally, and several of the performers were children of older performers who had been performing since they were children, themselves.

            The musicians at the local gospel music festival were making a symbolic statement in their musical demonstrations. They were symbolizing their religious belief and cultural heritage with their playing of instruments that showed their deep religious beliefs.

            (Davies, 2001) Stephen Davies, author of the book, “Musical Works and Performances: A Philosophical Exploration” describes many musical works and he tells us that “It is possible to perform old music, authentically.”

            Many of the musicians offered many old style of playing music, which were authentic and they were able to play some of the old tunes, backed up by other musicians who were successful in playing their favorite types of music that I’ve heard before on old television programs.

            The music festival was very enlightening and it was so enjoyable as I sat with my neighbors and family members, listening to the musical instruments playing at the gospel music festival.

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