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The project required the Implementation of marketing strategy for Offline Sales of Corporate Gifts to Small and Medium Size Enterprises - Live Project Details of Ims introduction. The sales strategy was basically made in view of Diwali. There is a culture of gifting during Diwali. The companies’ gift to business partners, employees and other members involved within or outside their business. The primary work was meeting the HR or the concerned person. Giving company Introduction, asking their requirement, if they show interest then presenting the client with the available product category for gifting during the festival.

Creating interest in the client and asking them for the most appealing category of choice for which they may go forward, asking the no. of units and the per unit budget which gives the approximate total budget for the gifts. Then detailing them with the product range in that category matching the per unit budget. After deciding product sampling was done by the companies merchandiser. Negotiating on the billing amount and asking them mode of payment.


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As Diwali was near so creating some fear factor on lead time because nearer the Diwali it will be difficult to process on time and processing fee may go up. Asking the token amount which could not be less than 20%. The final delivery and payment was collected by merchandiser. At the end of the day MIS report which was the excel sheet containing the records of the companies visited and the contact no. and their email was sent to the HR on the basis of which attendance was marked.

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