Living in a global village

 “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”

Bill Gates

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Living in a global village.

Nowadays we come across more often with such term as “global village”. And it is small wonder, because information technology advances and our possibilities enlarge. This headway makes our lives easier and richer. This is a great opportunity for communicating even with the people who live in another part of the world, even so it happens in high gear.

First of all, I guess it is very important to investigate this conception and its origin. Global village is a term coined by Wyndham Lewis in his book America and Cosmic Man (1948). His book describes how electronic mass media collapse space and time barriers in human communication, enabling people to interact and live on a global scale. In this sense, the globe has been turned into a village by the electronic mass media.

Today, the global village is mostly used as a metaphor to describe the Internet and World Wide Web. The idea of a global village conjures up images of an ever-growing worldwide society with shrinking boundary lines. The global village allows people from various parts of the world to communicate as if they were neighbors. Distance is no boundary when using computer communication.

It’s notorious fact that one of mankind’s most common and driving goals has been the ever faster movement of information. And with each new invention, society has undergone dramatic changes. The printing press made the written word accessible to the masses. The telegraph and telephone allowed people thousands of miles apart to discuss ideas instantaneously. Radio and television brought new experiences and ideas into our living rooms. Satellite technology made live telecasts from the most remote places on earth possible. Each of these inventions made the world a less-isolated place—approaching a “global village”.

But of course nowadays World Wide Web is the major and the most convenient way of information transmission. The Internet and online services let you download information or do research anywhere in the world. With the right kind of job, you can use computer communications to connect to your company’s network and telecommute, or work from home, just as if you were at the office. Or, perhaps, your children are using the Internet to discover new methods of learning at school. The possibilities for computer communications are endless, and more unexpected areas are moving online daily.

Also, it helps in our daily needs and affaires. We can buy, sell, and pay rent or other expenses for all that using just the number of our web account or credit card.  Marketing a business or selling a product without the restriction of location is a business owner’s dream. The Internet is providing that opportunity. You have not to stand in a queue or try to complete all you business in different parts of the town. You may just turn on the computer and do all you need in the Internet.

However everyone knows that nothing is perfect. I guess that these possibilities are amazing and frightening at the same time. As computer communications continue to expand, society and business undoubtedly will be forced to adapt or be left in the wake of the information tidal wave. Permanent migration to a global village has numerous potential consequences: elimination of jobs, a larger class split between technological haves and have-nots, and a society unwilling to deal with the problems. Living in a global village has even more potential benefits, though: Worldwide communication, telecommuting, business expansion, and a greater quality of life.

Migrating to a global village means that sealing a business deal in any town occurs on your computer screen, traveling to Europe occurs through a telephone line, and communicating with Japan or other remote country occurs through your keyboard and fingertips. Never has the world been so small or so accessible.

So, I can say that globalization is an inevitable process. Of course using the computer communication helps us very much not only in business and learning process but also in relaxing. Going online gives people a chance to feel different, too, whether they assume a new persona online, drop a few of their inhibitions, or simply get a chance to escape from real-world problems.

Unfortunately, there are so many hidden dangers in the Internet. Often some people loose theirs ability to communicate with each other in a real life, they become absorbed in theirs own unreal world in the Internet and fear contacts outside the sphere of World Wide Web. And it may become destructive factor for the people with unsteady mentality. But in any case, computer communication improvements virtually have turned the world into a single society, giving businesses the opportunity to expand worldwide.

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