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Living in Urban or Rural

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“Where to live” is the most common question for young people cause it affects a lot to the rest of their lives. As its modern facilities, some people prefer living in urban rather than in rural areas. However some debate that people will harm their health when live in big city. No one is wrong and everything has its own reason. I will discuss this controversy as the following paragraphs.

As I have mentioned, big city attracts people for its modernization including health care system, entertainment, transportation and finally economy while rural city usually lacks of those things.

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Living in Urban or Rural
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Firstly, central hospitals are equipped by new, latest machines together with a high quality staff. Next, entertainment is one of the outstanding features of any central city. Urban citizens have diverse choices to go out at weekend such as restaurants, parks, the zoos, shows, etc. whilst most rural citizens have to spend their leisure time indoor.

In addition, transportation facilitates urban citizens by its bus, train, subway system than in countryside where infrastructure is not highlighted sufficiently.

Finally, living in big, active city helps young people in finding a good job with top salary. As its result, annually there are number of students decide to build their businesses in central city rather come back to their hometowns. On the other side, living in central city also costs countable inconvenience like pollution, high cost of living, traffic jam, crime especially juvenile crime.

By contrast, people supporting living rural have a fresh, peaceful environment; children have places to play after school which almost disappears in crowded city. Moreover, the elderly’s health in rural area seems better than in urban where people have to compete daily with industrial pollution. In summary, it’s hard to say which one is better for people have the right to choose where to live depend on what they want to get from life. By remembering “nothing is free” is useful for you to decide which stage in your life a place to live in.

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