Living the Dream Essay

In Everyone’s life there are some decisions which we took because we don’t have any other alternative and there are some decisions which are taken as to live our dream - Living the Dream Essay introduction. Everyone takes this kind of decision and so I do. Three decisions, the most important and strong steps taken by me in past have changed my life: moving to Canada, quitting smoking and living life independently. These decisions means to me a lot and it works to mould my life on a right path, to achieve something which I want in my life. I choose to move Canada because I was looking for some specific things in my life.

First, from the age of 17, I was planning to get for higher education from a well – reputed and a honorable college. Second, better future relies on better education . So good future belongs to them who has the better education . So I started searching a good colleges in Canada . I had a friend who studied in Canada’s best college and she suggest me to go for the Centennial college because she complete her studies from Centennial College and even I search on the internet for the good community college and Centennial was one of them.

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And the third thing to go for Canada was to get all new experience and to get a chance to get closer with other country’s culture. Smoking, a habit or I can say an addiction towards an unwanted habit was biggest weakness in my life. First, it’s a total waste of money and even it damages the human body. Another, Smoking results reducing life expectancy and it was really hard for me to quit smoking but because of my strong belief in myself. I finally quit it, and I consider it as one of my biggest achievement in my life. And the final decision which changed my life by selecting a life independently.

I always wanted to live this kind of life when I was in school. I had never been to any boarding school or to any hostel before. After coming to Canada, my wish of living independently came true. First, it gives me experience a new phase of life, and allows me to take my own decisions and to modify my own decisions as I want to. Even though I had never stayed away from my family before, and I wanted to experience to manage things properly. Three decisions, the most important decisions, moving to Canada, quitting smoking and living life independently demonstrates my dream which I wanted to live.

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