Locke and Gazzaniga

How Locke and Gazzaniga  make me understand the world and myself better

                        Practical Relevance of  Locke and Gazzaniga:

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Recent readings from Locke and Gazzaniga  again reminded me that I will always benefit from  knowledge accumulated over centuries of thought and keeping the brain active with fresh insights as those from Gazzaniga.  The importance rests on a better understanding not just of the world and our environment, but of our own mind, and in the case of Gazzaniga, of our very brain.

            John Locke seems only remotely relevant but if we are reminded that it was he to whom we philosophically owe much of our present political/republican  system of government– his social contract theory  made governments accountable to us rather than the other way around–  we will understand we owe him our American way of life. .   (Becker, 1922. p. 27)  Again it was also he who postulated that the brain was a tabula rasa whose content was dependent on what would be fed into, and this proved as a postulation that would find scientific proofs in the work of modern scientists among whom Gazzaniga is forerunner.  .

Gazzaniga’s  documented findings on how the  brain works  provided me with  a micro-perspective of where all this knowledge we are digesting now is coming from.  At the very least, it was a reminder that the brain is precisely meant to be kept active.  In human discourses, in all human activity, its maximal use always benefits the owner. (“Watching the Brain at Work,” 2008.)


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