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Logic and Paper

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Papers written collaboratively will use different warrants and/or different forms of argumentation to support the claim and grounds of a paper as opposed to a paper writing a paper individually. One may suggest that the warrant of a paper is the most difficult element in supporting the claims and grounds of a paper. The warrant is used to connect the claims and grounds of a paper. “Without a warrant a reader may not reach the same connection or make similar connections between a claim and evidence as a writer” (Morse, 2010).

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Logic and Paper
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Collaboratively, different warrants will arise in a paper to bring together the validity of the evidence presented. Having more than one perspective in a team paper is key. It allows various facts and statistics to be introduced and considered. “It eliminates the possibility of errors arising out failures and considers the effect of contributing elements” (Jones, 2010). In addition, a different perspective when writing collaboratively, creativity is embraced.

Different ideas come to the forefront, which may not have come to light without different varies being heard.

This creativity helps the reader to connect the claim and evidence which is known as the warrants. “As writers we must guide our readers through our logic and convince them that our interpretation is logical and sound” (Morse, 2010). Lastly, collaboratively, teams can determine when a paper is good enough using various methods. Team members can establish represents that needs to be met and if they are met before starting and ending a paper.

On the contrary, writing a paper individually will bring forth only one warrant in a paper because only one perspective is in place. He or she brain storms alone and revises alone. “Basically, there are just too many people, too many ideas, and too many “experts” to come to an agreement and achieve a good result. It is simply why we have to constantly be reminded that there is “no ‘I’ in team” (Mattoon, Marc). When writing collaboratively, one determines whether an argument represents one’s own position by the tone and wording put forth in a paper.

The tone is not always easy to figure out. One must determine the audience and look for clues to see how the author feels and the content of the paper. Depending on whether the author wants to sound formal or sarcastic will in turn determine the actual words used in the piece and how the author chooses to put those words together. Word choices, such as the adjectives used to explain something, and comparisons made are also key in determining one’s own position.


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