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Logistics management

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Nike’s GLOBAL WOMEN’S FITNESS BUSINESS: DRIVING STRATEGIC INTEGRATION 1. Prior to the Change the Game proposal for global women’s fitness, how would you describe Nike’s strategy in the women’s market? What important lessons had been learned through these efforts to help shape the Change the Game proposal? 2. Describe the new strategy for global women’s fitness proposed by the Change the Game team. 3. What were the greatest internal and external barriers facing the team in implementing the new strategy? In what ways did they manage these challenges well? What other recommendations would you make? 4.

How will Nike’s latest reorganization potentially help the global women’s fitness team moving forward? What potential risks should the group seek to manage?

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Logistics management
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1. What would you rate as the strengths and weaknesses of the way Hewlett-Packard structured and supported the Kittyhawk development team? 2. What do you think of the way the team set out to find a market for the Kittyhawk? What correct turns, and what wrong turns did they make? 3.

What do you think are the root causes of the failure of the Kittyhawk program? Is there any way HP could have avoided its fate by addressing those root causes?

1. What was lTC’s motivation for creating the eChoupal?
2. What were the old and new physical flows and information flows in the channel? 3. What principles did it employ as it built the newly-fashioned supply chain? 4. What barriers did ITC face in embarking on this project?

5. How should ITC develop this platform for the future?

1. What is a “heavyweight project team” and how does it differ from the traditional approach used for organizing development projects at Eli Lilly? 2. What is your assessment of the performance of the two heavyweight project teams described in the case? What factors contributed most to these performance results? In the pharmaceutical context, how far back in the development process should heavyweight teams be deployed (e.g., just for
Phase ill, Phase II-B, Phase II-A, Phase I)? Why? 3. Is the “heavyweight” project team an approach that you would recommend to Lilly for purposes of commercializing the [email protected] product? What additional recommendations would you make to Lilly management concerning the use of heavyweight teams going forward?

CASE I-4 Matrix semiconductor (A) Lyn Denend and Robert A. Burgelman 1. At the time the case was set, what was Matrix’s strategy? 2. What was Matrix’s core competency? What did the company need to do (or not do) to stay focused on its core competency? 3. What was Matrix’s competitive advantage? Was its competitive advantage sustainable? 4. If you were Dan Steere in 1999, what would you recommend to the team? – Should Matrix develop a read/write or OTP memory product?

– How should Matrix position itself in the market? Which specific market(s) should the company pursue? 5. Which business model should the company adopt?
6. Based on the market position you recommended (above), calculate the approximate size of Matrix’s market opportunity. 7. Once Matrix proves the technical viability of its product, what should the company do next?

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