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Lone Survivor: Marcus Luttrell

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At the beginning of the book, Marcus Luttrell describes his childhood and his training to prepare for the Navy SEALs with Billy Shelton. After joining the U. S. Navy and completing SEAL training, Luttrell describes his posting in Afghanistan, in the Hindu Kush mountains of the Kunar province. With him are the rest of SEAL Team 10, except Shane E. Patton, for whom Danny Dietz was substituted. Their mission, Operation Red Wings, was to stake outside a village and capture or kill a leading Taliban member thought to be allied with Osama bin Laden.

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Lone Survivor: Marcus Luttrell
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One night in June 2005, while hiding out, the team encountered three Afghanistan shepherds, including a boy. The team debated sparing or killing the three shepherds but after a vote, team leader Michael Murphy had to make the decision. To uphold the Rules of engagement, Murphy let the shepherds go. About an hour later, the four SEALs were surrounded by more than a hundred Taliban warriors. The two parties engaged, the odds drastically against the SEALs, all but Luttrell were killed in action.

The New York Timessums up the story: “Mr. Luttrell was the only one of four men on the mission to survive after a violent clash with dozens of Taliban fighters. Eight members of the SEALs and eight Army special operations soldiers who came by helicopter to rescue the original four were shot down, and all aboard were killed. Mr. Luttrell was then rescued by a group of Afghan Pashtun villagers who harbored him in their homes for several days, protecting him from the Taliban and ultimately helping him to safety.

The theme of hospitality as understood by the Pashtun culture The book Lone Survivor is about Marcus Luttrell and his journey as a US Navy SEAL. He went through the impossible training of becoming a deadly warrior. One of his deployments were in the Hindu Kush mountains in the Kunar Province. He and his team were sent to go one a mission called “Operation Red Wing. ” This operation was a stake out operation where the team had to go and capture or kill a taliban leader known to be associated with Osama Bin Laden.

The mission went to hell and they were faced with an entire large force of Taliban warriors as they were trying to escape down a mountain side. Over time each of the team mates were killed. Marcus was the only one left. His leg was blown to hell so the only thing he could do was crawl and hope he would find a village that would help him. The only thing he had was his rifle and nothing else. No water, no nothing. After almost an entire day of crawling he encountered a shepard who was kind enough to take care of him and take him to his village.

The military eventually found him and took him home. His actions were awarded by medals from the president. i would recommend this book to everyone. These men are the reason people are allowed to have freedom. People need to know what the warriors of this country do for them. This book opened my eyes to this kind of stuff and I know it will definitely open yours. After reading this book I always cringe when I hear someone say they don’t like the military. Those men are the reason that military haters are able to say they hate the military. Everybody needs to read this book.

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