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Lost in the Woods

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It was a crispy cold morning and also was the first day of “Survival Camp”. At that time, I didn’t even know how to tie my own shoes. I was still a young chap and wandering why I was here. I thought my parents hated me because, “Survival Camp” was only for the bad kids who were kick out of school for. I played along with the small games and activity’s we played. I had not always been cautious of other people.

They did not play fair. I was afraid of being near them. Yet they find there way to me, ruining my day. There behavior was making me become just like them.

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Lost in the Woods
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I remember the time I could trust people and expect them not to say it to anybody else. With these maniacs, you can’t tell anybody anything because of there loud mouths. I just wanted a way out. Tonight was the night, when the leaders were picking team for the kids.

(SD/Touch) We all sat still, huddled on top of each other. I hoped with all heart I would not be grouped up with juvenile kids. I didn’t think I would get pick with the few normal kids but I was fine with that. As everybody talk, the leaders made a humongous bonfire. One by one they pick teams that you would stay with for the rest of the week with.

When they called my name up, I didn’t hear until some older kid shoved me and yelled at me for not answering. I quickly and loudly screeched “Dennis Fadeev right here”. They marked me down and I instantaneously got out of there. All I could think about was that jerk that shoved me. In big red letters, I wrote, “The kid in the blue jacket and red shorts is a Jerk” in sharpie all across the bathroom doors and glass mirrors. As my anger calm down, I went back out to realize that I was partner up with the person; I prayed not to get partnered up with.

That next morning was even colder than yesterday. I was very upset still for the night ago. It was time to meet this bully kid. I was kind of feeling scared. As he talks to me, I didn’t pay attention; the only thing I got from this was his name was Jake and he is 16. It was kind of amusing because, my brother’s name is Jake. I then told him that my name is Dennis. He told me his dogs name is named Dennis too. I joking replied, “Ok then, I’m named after a dog. ” It was turning into a really warm afternoon. I confusingly asked him where was the camp located.

He quietly responded, “North of Crater Lake. ” I didn’t really believe him until he told me, he’ll take me down there if I wanted tomorrow. I happily told him yes, really loudly. It was five in the morning when Jake woke me up and as well as his friend named, Seth. Thinking to myself I realized that Jake was not playing. Even though, he is a big and skinny guy he is a man of his words. I was warned out and sleepy. I could barely open my eyes for five seconds. He pulled me out of my top bed bunk and splashed a cup of icy cold water into my eyes.

That surely woke me up as well the people around me hearing my cry. I told him to wait one second while I get my clothes on and put my red swish pocketknife in my back pocket. We were ready, so we quietly escaped our cabin slowly without getting caught. Dennis Fadeev Period 2. 2 January 1st 2012 Mr. Wullbrandt English 09 Lost In The Unknown Page #2 After walking for hours, we came upon a stream that would be a perfect place to take a long break. We refilled our water bottles and made sharp sticks with our pocketknife incase something happens. We continued walking until we encountered a moose.

We all felt like peeing our pants when we heard a loud sound. We all look behind us, and there it was, a ten-foot moose. It looked like it was ready to attack us but Seth, took my sharpened stick and went to it and yelled at it saying, “GO, GO, GO, AWAY MOOSE BEFORE WE ALL KILL YOU! ” Surprisingly it calmly walks the other direction. We walk and walk until we got there. Looking at Seth now was different, I thought he was a little wimpy but now he is a warrior. Even though he is smaller and weaker than me. As we get there, we swim in the lake that (SD/Smell) smelt like salty water from the ocean.

As well we took, little walk around the area until we decided to go back. (# External conflict #) Then Seth asked us, if we know the way back. All of us looked at each other funny until I explained that we were screwed. I felt the most stranded of us. I didn’t know what would happen. Jake said we should build some sort of a basic shelter. We found typical leaned-in branch that we found lying around. We secondly found three tall trees, kind of close together with branches about five feet from the ground. Next we took the branches we found lying on the ground and attached them to the trees.

After adding some more little details, our shelter was completed. I was proud of myself. I decided we make a little fire to keep warm through the night. We broke twigs in half and got a spark from a magnesium fire starting kit I brought with me. It worked fine so Jake thought it was the perfect time to eat our (SD/Taste) salty chips and creamy snicker doodle cookies. We were cuddled up with a small blanket, Seth brought. But our metal belts were as cold as a cherry Popsicle on a warm summer day. I slowly feel a sleep soundly; until I heard a sound I did not want to hear. SD/Sound) I heard cracking noise, wind swirled around our shelter, whistling loudly to a terrible tune Black was the only thing you could see walking around the forest. The sun would come up little by little. As time went on, we were seeing more daylight. Seth and I spotted a road ahead. All three of us ran to it realizing it was it was a two way dead-end. While walking back I thought to myself on how I felt out here in the wild. Being lost in the woods may seem like a tragedy for most people, and at the beginning of our adventure it had been a tragedy, but after being there for the whole day, it had begun to grow on me. SD/Sight) Just sitting they’re watching the birds fly and seeing the small animals scamper around and watching the trees wave with the wind. A heavenly hue of the layers of shades of green accumulating on tree limbs and branches were just Gods little creation. I really did like being disconnected with society. Talking to Jake I jokingly told him, his forehead was so sunburnt red and sore looking it was like a baboon’s bottom. Dennis Fadeev Period 2. 2 January 1st 2012 Mr. Wullbrandt English 09 Lost In The Unknown Page #3 We walked like zombies for hours until seeing a house.

We ran to the house, seeing an old man gardening. Jake cries to him asking him to help us. Jake asks him if he knows of a camp named, “Survival Camp” he friendly replies with, “Sure do I know”. He tells us an entertaining story of when he went there when he was a young kid just like us. We all ask him if he could drive us back there. He peacefully thinks about it and says hop in the back of truck. Jake tells the old man our story while we drive down the bumpy dirt road. He chuckles happily. After 30 minutes of driving we get there. All of us jumped out and thanked the old man.

The old man tells us that we made his whole year for making him laugh like he did. As we thank him once again, he drives off with one of the biggest smile I ever seen on a person face. We did not know if people in the camp were worried for us. We hope not and just walk into our cabin and asked the other people if there were worried. They all said no because, the leaders forgot to make a name sheet and did not know who is who. My friends and I were happy campers. I happily cheered “We snuck back into camp without anybody realizing we were gone for two whole day. ”

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