Lp4 Chapter 9 Case Study Essay

Why do you think Red Lobster relies so much on Internet surveys to track customer opinions, preferences, and criticisms? What are the advantages of online questionnaires versus traditional surveys conducted over the phone or through the mail? Red Lobster relies on Internet surveys because the online population continues to grow and most customers don’t want to complete surveys during their lunch or dinner. The advantages of online questionnaires are the real-time reporting; having reduced costs, more personal questions, and allows contact with the hard to reach consumers.

. Go to www. redlobster. com and click around. How well do you think the site appeals to the educated, affluent, and over-50 crowd that the chain wants to reel in? What are the primary messages that it communicates about the restaurant, and how effective are they? How does the site attempt to capture information about its customers? The Red Lobster site is very informative which appeals to the educated, affluent, and over-50 crowd.

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Lp4 Chapter 9 Case Study
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A customer can meet the chefs, read about ingredients, get health facts, and gets tips for cooking seafood.

The primary message is freshness and how Red Lobster achieves freshness. The chef’s kitchen portion of the site achieves this message. The site is able to capture information about its customers through testimonials and reviews. 3. Red Lobster’s closet competitor in the seafood dining business is Joe’s Crab Shack. Check out their web site at www. joescrabshack. com and compare it to Red Lobster’s. How does their marketing approach differ? Do you think they’re appealing to the same types of customers?

How does the web site try to get information from its customers? Joe’s Crab Shack appeals more to the young adults to late forties. They have hash tags to link to Twitter and encourage customers to share pictures of themselves in the restaurant. They do share some of the same types of customers in their marketing approach in that the websites look very similar. Joe’s Crab Shack gets information by encouraging customers to tweet and share pictures. 4.

Suppose Red Lobster was wondering how well its new interior design was being received by customers at a redecorated restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and hired you to create a questionnaire. Write one of each: an open-ended question, a closed-ended question (either dichotomous or multiple choices), and a scaled-response question. What do you like about the new decor? What do you dislike about the new decor? How would you rate the new decor: a. I like the new decor better than the old decor, b. I like both decors the same, c. I don’t like the new decor as much as I liked the old decor.

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