Lung Cancer (Evolve Case Study)

what instructions need to be given to the pt that is about to have a chest X-Ray?
removes any jewlery or necklaces
what is the nurse responsible for doing aftr the pt has a bronchoscopy?
check for the return of the gag reflex
what puts a non smoker at risk for getting lung cancer?
if both parents were smokers and died of lung cancer (SECOND HAND SMOKE!!!!)
what does staging of cancer tumors describe?
helps determine the clinets prognosis and treatment
which venous site rudes the risk for extravasion?
SUBCLAVIAN VEIN use of a large central vein, reduces the risk for extravation
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the nurse checks the xray before giving chemo to make sure the tube is in the superior vena cave to prevent what?
fluid infiltration!
once the doctor first orders fluids and meds and an Xray what should the RN do first?
notify radiology of the chest x ray because the placement has to be confirmed before we can put in fluids or medications!
what does thrombocytopenia mean?
low platelet count
what is the word for low WBC?
what can neupogen (filgrastim)cause when given to chemo pts?
BONE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why should vigerous cold packs not be used on chemo pts experiencing severe sepsis?
the pts is at a severe risk for bleeding so vigerous rubbing could cause a bleed, the RN should be very gentle
a pt has a chest tube and the RN notices that the suction control chamber is bubbling continuously what is the best action for the RN to do?
continue to monitor regularly, continuous bubbly says that the desired level of suction is correct to promote removal of air and fluid
the fluid level in the pts water seal chamber is fluctuating what does the RN need to do?
observe the pts respirations because fluctutations should occur with the pts respirations, the absence of fluctuations may indicate the tubing is obstructed
is contant vigouros bubbling of a chest tube normal?
no inspect for air leaks
what does the RN need to do if the fluctuation is the seal stops?
ask the patient to turn change positions ans cough
in the hispanic culture how is the extended family viewed?
is na important and valued source of support when family decisions must be made; also comfort iwth close proximity to others in the group is desired
what does justice deal with?
fair and equal treatment (all pts families should get equal room in the waiting room)
when getting brain radiation therapy what should the RN’s intervention be?
the pt will not get impaired skin integrity
what discharge teaching should be give to the client who had brain radiation treatment?
gently wash area with soap and water and pat dry, do not put any lotions creams or other products unless proscibed by the MD, NO heating pads because heat further damages the skin, do not wash wash clothes in bleach, do not remove all the residual markings on the skin because those markings guide the treatment
what is hospice care?
given to pts who have a limited life expectancy that only treats symptoms
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