Lung Cancer Hesi Case Study

Which instructions should the nurse provide to prepare Mr. Preito for the x-ray?
You will need to remove jewelry, such as neck chains.
What nursing action should the nurse expect to implement following this procedure?
Assess for return of the client’s gag reflex.
Which info in Mr. Prieto’s hx places him at risk for lung cancer?
Both of Mr. Preito’s parents were heavy cigarette smoker, and his father died of lung cancer
What action by the rn is most therapeutic?
Sit quietly w/ the couple and allow them the opportunity to talk
How would the rn explain the purpose of the cancer staging?
Staging helps determine the clients prognosis and best treatment.
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The use of which venous access site…
Subclavian vien
Which action should the nurse take first?
Notify the radiology of the need for an x-ray
The rn obtains these results before initiating fluids to prevent which complication?
Fluid infiltration
What rate should the nurse set the IV pump
The rn recognized that Mr. Prieto is experiencing which condition
Which RN intervention has the highest priority when administering this med.
Evalate the client’s level of pain reg.
What action should the RN take next
Connect the previously…
What action should the RN take next
Advise the other RN that vigorous cold pack…
The RN suspects which etiological factor si responsible for both objective and subjective assessment data
What is the best RN response to Mr. Prieto’s qeustion
Tell me what makes you feel afraid
Which RN action is most important to implement at this time.
Request a visit by the catholic chaplain
What intervention should b implemented by the RN
Continue to monitor the drainage system regularly
What assessment should the nurse perform
Observe Mr Prieto’s respirations.
What intervention should the nurse implement if constant bubbling occrued
Inspect he insertion site and tubing to check for air leaks
Based on this assessment finding, what action si indicated
Ask him to cough and change positions
The RN recognizes that, in the Hispanic culture…
As an important and valued source of support…
Observing the Prieto family, …
Comfort with close proximity to others…
To act as a client advocate for all the families involved, …
What action should the RN implement to resolve the lack of space in the family waiting area
Ask some of the Prieto family to wait in another area..
What expected outcome has the highest priority…
Mr. Prieto will not develop impaired skin integrity
Which instructions should be included int the teaching plan.
-Gently wash the areas…
-Do no apply lotions, creams…
With which interdisciplinary team member…
Reg. Dietician
Which description of hospice care…
Hospice provides care to person w/ limited life expentancy
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