Luzerne County Health Status


Luzerne County is home to an amalgamation of urban and rural communities in North Eastern Pennsylvania. Luzerne County has been the result of the struggling coal and garment industries, which was the primary source of livelihood of Pennsylvania residents in the late ‘50’s. The Hispanic population of Luzerne is considered as the fourth highest growth rate among U.S. towns. However, Luzerne’s resident population touted as opulent in religious and ethnic diversity. Its total Hispanic population is as high as 319,250. With this in mind, Luzerne County has a vast population for a town. Luzerne County’s senior citizens account for 20% of its total population. Luzerne has a 6% unemployment rate, which is low for a county. Luzerne has 64 public schools in its 11 districts that houses over 50,000 students 38% of which are treated with free and discounted lunches. National obesity rates and standards have shown that over 30% of Luzerne’s children have acquired BMIs in the 85th percentile, which suggests that a great number of Luzerne’s school cafeteria doesn’t place a premium on the health and nutrition of the children.

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Furthemore, What is alarming for the Luzerne County is the significant rate of each notorious illness. Chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, heart ailments, and lung problems are higher compared to the whole state of Pennsylvania. With this in mind, Luzerne County residents have taken note of such due to the fact that 90% of its total population has health insurance. However, such notion suggests that Luzerne residents are relatively complacent in terms of health issues and concerns. The Steps Program of Luzerne County has initiated a partnership among local television stations in order to convey public service announcements and programs in order to inform and shed awareness to the Luzerne populace how crucial adjustments should be initiated in order to prevent chronic illnesses such as obesity, heart ailments, lung problems, and diabetes.


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