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Lynn TV restaurant Maggie’s has closed.

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THE Lynn restaurant which featured on Channel 4 show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares has bitten the dust and new leaseholders have moved in to launch an Italian eatery at the site.The former Rococo restaurant was renamed Maggie’s when it appeared on straight-talking Gordon Ramsay’s show and owner Nick Anderson got a shed load of the celebrity chef’s trademark stinging advice to turn its fortunes around.

Despite some initial apparent success after the show aired in November 2006, new financiers had to bail the Saturday Market Place restaurant out of cash problems at the end of last year and now it is no more.

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Lynn TV restaurant Maggie’s has closed.
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Shutters have been down on the building for some time, but work is now well under way to get a new business off the ground.Hunstanton hoteliers and restaurateurs Tony and Karen Lombari have moved in to overhaul the building and are hoping to launch an all-new Italian restaurant, wine bar and coffee house at the beginning of next month.

Mr Lombari is unconcerned by the legacy of the building saying what he is doing there will be totally different.

He said: “It will be more accessible, more comfortable and will appeal to a wider group of people.”Mr Lombari, a serving policeman with Lynn CID who retires from the force in December, and his wife, a former accident and emergency sister, have been running Sutton House Hotel, Northgate, Hunstanton, for the past four years. They launched Luigi’s restaurant there last Easter and now plan to sell that as a going concern and focus on the new Lynn Luigi’s.The couple have teamed up with Paul Bishop, of Hunstanton’s Marine Bar and Thornham’s Orange Tree pub, for the venture.

It will be open Monday – Saturday, serving coffee, cake and snacks from 9am, a lunchtime menu 1pm-3pm and evening meals from 6pm.The Lynn News was unable to contact Maggie’s owner Mr Anderson. Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’ publicist refused to comment

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Lynn TV restaurant Maggie’s has closed.. (2017, Jul 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/lynn-tv-restaurant-maggies-has-closed-8206/

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