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Macbeth Play (Act 6 Scene 1)

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Macbeth Play Assignment
The witches, resurrecting Macduffs family, for mourners at a funeral, after the death of Macduff’s family.
SCENE I. Lady Macduff and Son’s funeral.
Dawn sky and sad background music. Enter MACDUFF, MALCOLM, and ROSS.MACDUFF
Let us mourn,
The death of my beloved wife and son.
My family,
My only one.
A great women she was.
If only her life wasn’t taken so soon.
Great punishment will be done to these murderers.

If only a way to bring them back.
Appear Three Witches
First Witch
We can bring them back.
Second Witch
Of course only for a price.Third Witch
The price being your soul.
All Witches laughMACDUFF
I’d do anything for my beloved to return
I accept your offer but for one thing
First Witch
You make a request,
After us being so generousMACDUFF
I only ask that I can see my family,
then I can pass being truly happy.

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Macbeth Play (Act 6 Scene 1)
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You cannot accept this offer!
Let the dead be dead,
And the living be fed!
This is foolish!
Why play with fate Get a new date!
How dare you!
Let me do as I please,
It is not up to you to decide.ROSS
I am sorry Macduff.
I do not wish to see a good man dead
Because of the already dead.
I also apologize,
I will let you alter your own future.
Which may not be long if you continue.
You, my friends, are great noble men.
Your passion for our friendship is most admirable.
But my passion for my wife and son outweighs friendship far too much.
I accept the offer!
I submit my soul!
If you are true to this cause.
Then I am no friend to stop you.
As am I.
I hope we meet again in the afterlife,
My dearest friend.
Second Witch
Gather around sisters,
Let the spell take place.Chanting, an eerie fog appears
Aye, I am starting to feel weaker.
Goodbye my friends,
May we meet again in the afterlife.Macduffs…

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