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Macbeth, Shakespeare’s Play

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English – Macbeth
Benjamin Bray – 12. Orange

Killing of Duncan
Lady Macbeth committing suicide
Death of Banquo and both drunken who watched over Duncan
Blacken skies
Death of his own family
Killing Macbeth
Hiding behind the woods and joining forces with Malcolm.

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Macbeth, Shakespeare’s Play
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A submission to the commission of enquiry from Macduff, thane of fife,
In my opinion, Macbeth is totally responsible for his actions whilst king of Scotland and for the murders of Duncan, his groomsman, Banquo, my wife, young son and numerous other people of Scotland.

I was aware of this before he even began his reign, but no one seemed to believe what I had to say. The day I arrived to awake Duncan, I had been talking with a gatekeeper who said that chimneys had fallen down and towns people had heard cries of grief through the night. It seems that the supernatural was around to warn us through the night. As it was my job, I intruded into Duncan’s room to discover the king dead I screamed “Horror, Horror, Horror!”.

Macbeth and Lennox

. There is not a cloud in the sky, sunshine overlooks our fair land and the town’s people are pleasant with Malcolm as king. When Scotland was presented with the death of Duncan I knew that our kingdom would fall under a new reign. No one seemed to believe me; no one was convinced that Macbeth could only lead to a cesspool of blood and destruction over Scotland. King Duncan had perfect control over his kingdom and the people were rather satisfied with thing things were operating. Hopefully, now young King Malcolm can follow in his footsteps and portray a resembling image, which has clearly been shown over the past year.

From the very day of Macbeths reign the skies turned dark and the land was covered with showers of rain and fierce storms. Supernatural effects took place; I knew our kingdom was going to diminish over in the near distant future. Who would have though that Macbeth would be crowded king, it all seemed to happen awfully quick. My.

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