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Maestro, Eduard Keller – Obituary



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    Eduard Keller, father of Eric, husband of Mathilde, musical Maestro and my dear teacher and friend. I believed that he was modest man, not wanting other people being aware of his achievements but today that all changes. He will be remembered. Keller spent most of his time drinking schnapps and reading newspapers at the beer garden below the room where he lives at the Swan. He may have appeared as a gruff, distant and critical perfectionist but only those that took the time to know him and would be able to truly understand him. He had achieved many unbelievable achievements in his life. He won awards and became a Maestro. A name that fitted him so well. He was a great teacher. He was very strict on me, but it payed off in the end. In hindsight, I may not have liked it then but now I think that he was right in teaching me like that. It improved my skills as a pianist and I am thankful for that.Deep inside he was scarred by his traumatic past that he was able to hide so well from the world over these past few decades. Are you familiar with the holocaust?

    Edward Keller lost his family during the holocaust. He was promised that his family would have been safe because at that time anyone who was Jewish would have had to have been taken away or even executed. Unfortunately though the promise given to him was just an empty lie and in the end, his family were both imprisoned and killed in a concentration camp. Although he was not Jewish, he registers as a Jew after his wife and son’s capture and is also sent to a concentration camp, where everyone believes he died. This was not the actual end of him though. Instead he moved to Australia, Darwin in order to cut off all ties from his origin and isolate himself. On my sixteenth birthday, Keller had accepted an invitation from my family for dinner, and when my mother asked him about his home and culture, he refused to recognise it and responds curtly, saying he misses nothing about Austria. He refused to say anymore, he did not want me to know his burden that he had been keeping to himself this entire time. I think that that might have been part of the reason that he had chopped of his pinky finger, maybe it was some way for him to justify his actions or maybe even some kind of apology. Eduard Keller is a man that I believe should be remembered. I hope that he will be able to rest in peace and perhaps be reunited with his family again

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