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Neil Karia MahaBharat- Book Report

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1. The MahaBharat is the longest heroic poem verse form known to adult male. The MahaBharat has been regarded as the supreme work of doctrine on ethical motives and manners. It was composed by the Aryan Vedas sometime between 3150 B.C.- 3120 B.C. and contains about 200,000 poetries in Sanskrit. It serves as a usher for those who wish to seek bondage from the birth-death rhythm. The MahaBharat period was the turning point for a new Yuga. ( The existence is made up of four periods termed Yugas. The MahaBharat was the coming of the Kali Yuga, a clip of corruptness and wickedness ) . The kernel of the MahaBharat is captured during the Bhagavad Gita, ( The Lords Song ) when Arjun sees many of his friends in the opposing ground forces, and he becomes overwhelmed with compassion.

arjun uvaca

drstvemam sva-janam krsna

yuyutsum mamma gatrani

sidanti ca parisusyati

mukham ca parisusyati


Arjun said: My beloved Krishna, seeing my friends and relations present before me in such a combat spirit, I feel the limbs of my organic structure shaking and my oral cavity drying up.

It is so that Lord Krishna ( Arjuns charioteer ) shows Arjun his cosmopolitan cosmic God signifier. Through this, the truth of the existence is explained to Arjun, and he realizes that he must execute his responsibilities as a Kshatriya ( warrior ) . After this, Arjun bowed down to the Lord, picked up his bow and struck it with finding.

Arjun uvaca

drstvedam manusam rupam

tava saumyam janardana

idanim asmi samvrttah

sacetah prakrtim gatah


Arjun said: O chastiser of the enemies, seeing this anthropomorphic signifier, so really beautiful, I am now composed in head, and I am restored to my original nature.

This narrative takes topographic point in the Mahrashtra part of India. Harmonizing to scientists and historiographers, the ascendants of the Bharat Dynasty have been in being for over 10,000 old ages. These periods belonged to Kings and Gods, so there was much war and incredible Acts of the Apostless that seem unrealistic in today s present age.


2. This heroic poem verse form is based on the Bharat Dynasty. It tells of the battles for power between two households, ( the Pandavas and the Kauravs ) and the ground for God ( Krishna ) falling to the Earth and holding to take the signifier of a human. Dhrtarashtra and Pandu were two brothers born to the Bharat Dynasty. Since Dhrtarashtra was blind, the thrown was passed down to his younger brother Pandu. When Pandu died, his 5 kids came under the attention of Dhrtarashtra. Of Dhrtarashtras 100 boies, his eldest boy Duryodhan despised the Pandavas. With the consent of Dhrtarashtra, Duryodhan plotted to kill the Pandavas. Fortunately, the Pandavas survived the many efforts against their lives. The clever Duryodhan challenged the Pandavas to a gaming lucifer. Duryodhan and his companions took ownership of Draupadi, ( partner of Pandavas ) cheated the Pandavas of their land, and forced them into 12 old ages of expatriate. After returning from their expatriate, the Pandavas requested their land from Duryodhan, who refused. The Pandavas declared war. This brings us to the point at which the Bhagavad Gita begins.


3. There were many struggles in this narrative. The events of the MahaBharat took topographic point because, over the class of clip, the cognition of the Bhagavad Gita had deminished. The events of the MahaBharat were all apart of the Godheads purpose to confer the lost cognition of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjun, his friend and fan. The concluding conflict at the Kurukshetra field between the Pandavas and Kauravs was in kernel the concluding battle between good and evil. This battle brought about the terminal of the Bharat dynasty. There would ne’er be such a conflict on Earth once more.

One of the most important events in the narrative was the gaming lucifer at the Pandavas land Indraprast ( Dhrtarashtra built a great land for the Pandavas. Duryodhan knew that the oldest of Pandu s boies, Yudhistir would be crowned swayer when his male parent died. This worried him really much. He went to seek assistance from his cunning evil uncle Shahkuni. Together, Duryodhan and Shahkuni came up with the ultimate strategy to destroy the Pandavas. They decided to entice the Pandavas into a gaming lucifer, in which the Kauravs would rob them of their land and award. The Pandavas lost their land, all their wealth and about Draupadi. The destiny of Hastinapur was now in Duryodhans custodies. To demo the Pandavas how much he despised them, he summoned his younger brother Dusashan to drag Draupadi by the hair. Dusashan brought Draupadi to the gaming room and easy removed her apparels. Draupadi cried out to the Godhead. No affair how difficult or fast Dusashan pulled on Draupadi s saree, new beds of sheet would organize. Lord Krishna saved Draupadi by his grace. After hours of drawing, Dus

ashan fell to the floor. Bheem so rose and vowed that he would kill Dusashan in the war by drawing out his limbs. Duryodhan sentenced the Pandavas to 12 old ages in the wood. It was this incident that opened the Pandavas eyes. This was their primary ground for the war.

Another important event in the narrative was when Krishna revealed to Arjun his cosmopolitan signifier. During the beginning of the war, Arjun asked Krishna to pull his chariot between the two ground forcess, so that he may see those who desire to contend. Arjun saw before him the greatest of warriors. Within the thick of the two ground forcess he could see his friends and instructors and cousins. Arjun became overwhelmed with passion. He felt compassion for the soldiers of the opposing party, because he could anticipate their decease.

Na ca saknomy avasthatum

bhramativa ca me manah

nimittani ca pasyami

viparitani kesava


Arjun said: I am now unable to stand here any longer. I am burying myself, and my head is staggering. I see merely causes of bad luck, O Krishna, slayer of the devils.

At this point, the Godhead could now uncover himself to Arjun. The intent for the Godhead s presence in the war and on Earth would be answered. Krishna, the all mighty would shortly confer the disregarded cognition of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjun. After stating a powerful adage, the Godhead presented to Arjun his true signifier.

sri-bhagavan uvaca

pasya me partha rupani

sataso tha sahasrasah

ihaka-stham jagat krtsnam

yac canyad drastum icchasi

nana-vidhani divyani

nana-narnakrtini ca


Krishna said: My beloved Arjun, see now my luxury, 100s of 1000s of varied Godhead and multicolored signifiers. What of all time you wish to see, lay eyes on at one time in this organic structure of mine! This cosmopolitan signifier can demo you whatever you now desire to see and whatever you want to see in the hereafter. Everything traveling and non-moving is here wholly, in one topographic point.

Within this signifier, Arjun could see the rhythm of reincarnation. He saw the many faces and signifiers of the Godhead, the religious, cosmic and physical. He saw the creative activity of the existence, and foresaw the devastation of the existence. Arjun could see who would be killed during the war and who would populate to see the terminal. All the inquiries of the existence were present before him. This scared Arjun really much. He praised the Godhead inquiring for forgiveness. Merely Arjun was able to see the Godhead. The others who were present on the conflict field did non possess the pureness to see the Godhead. Arjun was restored to his original nature. His intent on Earth was now clear. He knew that he would non decease with Krishna on his side. This incident is the most important minute in the narrative. The Godhead was ensured that Arjun was focused. Krishna knew that this war would convey about the terminal of the Bharat Dynasty. All the lessons of the Bhagavad Gita would be passed down from coevals to coevals. The truth would suppress winning.

4. Solution

The struggle of this narrative is overcome when the Pandavas defeat the Kauravs. The Bharat Dynasty does non go on because all the kids die in the war. There is still apart of each of the five brothers in all of us.

5. Subject

The subject of this narrative compares life to the lives of the Pandavas and all the events affecting them. Throughout the narrative there are many lessons being taught. Love, award, justness, trueness, subject and devotedness are a few of the ethical motives being taught in this narrative. These ethical motives are all explained in item during the Bhagavad Gita. Krishna shows Arjun the manner of achieving release from the material universe. Krishna describes that this stuff universe which human existences live is an semblance. He explains that there are three constituents of being. They are the organic structure, the psyche and the supreme Godhead. Krishna compares the organic structure to apparels. He explains that in this material universe, the psyche is the lone one thing you are born with, and you leave with when you die. He explains that the psyche is a indestructible. The Godhead says that merely as one discards old apparels and wears new apparels, so does the psyche discard an old organic structure and come in a new one. No arm can pierce it, no fire can fire it and H2O can non fade out it. He explains that the lone thing that determines release is karma ( actions ) . Within the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explains that good actions will come on the psyche to a higher degree known as Eden, and that iniquitous karma leads to the rhythm of reincarnation once more. He tells Arjun that one who is born is certain to decease, and that one who dies is certain to be born. There is nil to sorrow over. He explains that the psyche will profit from good actions such as love, devotedness and honestness, and suffer from iniquitous karma such as violent death, stealing and lying. Since Arjun is his fan, he guarantees Arjun that he will travel to heaven.

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