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My Resume Work Experience and Hobbies

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  • Pages 2
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    I am considered to be a hardworking person with excellent communication skills and a keen eye for details. I have problem solving skills from my work experiences, and the ability to work as part of a team at Bupa Nursing Home.



    My job duties includes caring for the elderly by assisting them with personal hygiene such as washing and dressing, shaving, feeding, hair and nail care. Help is given to the service users in their communities i.e. own homes, hospitals, and residential homes.


    I participated in all aspects of dementia care, elderly care, palliative care, and many more. My duties involves helping service users with everyday activities such as getting in and out of bed, washing and toileting, dressing, feeding and many more. Amongst all of these I demonstrate the
    ethical conduct of trust, friendship, and respect; simply because these conducts are critical to establishing a good relationship between the care assistant and the service user. EDUCATIONAL HISTORY

    1972-1976 Lagos Secondary Commercial Academy. Yaba Lagos Nigeria Jan 1982 – Nov 1982 Zaria School of Aviation. Zaria Nigeria 2001-2002 Lewisham College. Fashion Design
    2004-2008 Bupa Nursing Home


    I feel the achievements that I am proud of were during my employment at Bupa Nursing Home, I performed above expectation and I was awarded for my various efforts. I have listed below my achievements from Bupa Nursing Home.

    Feb 2005: Basic Health and Safety – A Distance Learning Course Mar 2005: Basic Food Hygiene – A Distance Learning Course
    May 2005: GOAL Level 2 NVQ in Care
    July 2005: Certificate in Risk Assessment – Level 2
    July 2005: Certificate of Attendance –Dealing with Challenging Behaviours Aug 2005: Diabetes Study Day
    Feb 2006: Foot Care Study Day
    Mar 2006: Fire Awareness Training
    April 2006: A Basic Introduction to Dementia Care and Challenging Behaviour Oct 2006: First Aid At Work
    Feb 2007: Basic Infection Control – A Distance Learning Course Dec 2007: ASET Level 2 Certificate in Dementia Care
    Feb 2008: Fire Awareness Training
    Feb 2008: Load Management & Client Handling Techniques Update July 2008: EOLC08 End of Life Care
    July 2008: Mental Capacity Awareness
    Feb 2008: Personal Best Award


    I enjoy reading around my subject area, knitting and listening to music. I often attend church services regularly with friends and family. In my spare times I enjoy sewing and watching movies from various backgrounds.


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