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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

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I strive every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle through eating correctly and exercising. This presentation simply highlights the small changes a person can make to improve their health and quality of life. Eating food that is good for the body is an imperative way to maintain one’s health. Fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients and antioxidants which boost one’s immune system and fight off infection. By feeding the body healthy food, it enables and increases productivity. Because some people are not accustomed to eating healthily, there are a few ways to change one’s eating habits.

By planning a healthy weekly menu, shopping smartly and reading food labels, a person can improve their overall diet. Another way to maintain one’s health is through drinking water. Water nourishes, hydrates and improves one’s well-being. It is recommended that a person should drink eight glasses of water each day. By purchasing a nice water bottle to encourage drinking, setting a reminder on one’s phone or infusing water with fruits and herbs to make it more palatable, a person can get accustomed to drinking more.

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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
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When maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to get caught up in the healthy aspects without focusing on mental upkeep. If a person does not take care of himself mentally, the physical changes will not benefit him. Through socializing, exercising, sleeping and being creative, one can improve his mental health. Socializing decreases feelings of isolation and anxiety thus increasing feelings of social support and belonging. Additionally, socializing triggers part of the nervous system that releases a multitude of neurotransmitters which are tasked with regulating the response to stress and anxiety. In other words, through communication, people become more resilient to stress. Exercise improves mental health, especially in those suffering from depression or anxiety disorders. It is also effective in preventing chronic diseases, reducing stress, and improving mood and sleep. Because many people view exercise as a daunting commitment, there are simple ways such as tracking daily activity and doing quick workouts to incorporate exercise into one’s daily routine.

Sleep is as important to the body’s health as eating, drinking, and breathing. Through sleep, the body repairs itself while the brain consolidates memories and processes information. Therefore, it is evident that poor sleep is associated with physical problems such as a weakened immune system and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Reducing caffeine, removing distractions from one’s bedroom such as televisions or cell phones, and doing relaxation techniques are ways to reduce anxiety and racing thoughts thus improving the quality of sleep. Lastly, creativity is imperative to one’s mental health. Creativity increases and renews brain function, prevents Alzheimer’s and improves mood. Creative activities increase self-reflection, as well as a deeper understanding of one’s self that often comes with creating. The last and final way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is by reducing stress in one’s life. Stress prevents people from being their best selves, so it is imperative that one limits the stress in their life. Different ways to reduce stress include working out, taking a walk or hot shower or listening to soothing music. By feeding one’s body correctly, maintaining one’s mental health and reducing stress, it is very possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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