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Maintaining Ethical Standards

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Maintaining Ethical Standards
Karla Flores
Jan 11, 2016
Terri ColbertMaintaining Ethical Standards
Maintaining ethical standards is paramount in any profession. In some cases it can become a bit tricky when situations are encounter; when the client and its issues represent trouble with how to handle a situation for the counselor. The following scenario will demonstrate how a therapist can be ethically confused and will have to find a way to work ethically, and seek for the best course of action to take in order to help the client.

The scenario is about a family that consists of a wife who wants to go back college to pursue a law degree. Most of her family disagrees with her decision; her husband believes that is better for the family to continue to help him with his professional life. Naomi’s husband thinks that by her attending college will bring stress to the whole family. Naomi’s children also prefer a full time mother, her parents are shocked with her decision and they see it as selfish behavior.

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Maintaining Ethical Standards
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Naomi feels pressure from every one, but she still wants to continue to pursue her dreams. The family has been attending therapy for a few months before she disclosed her decision regarding law school, she is aware that there will be some sacrifices the whole family will have to make for her to attend college. Naomi is convinced that her plans will not be detrimental to the families well being. Naomi’s counselor although he does not verbally insinuates or says that he also believes that she should not follow her dreams his interventions had the result of reinforcing the families views.
I as Naomi’s therapist would be confronted with a particular ethical issue, which would believe on a woman having the right to educate them selves and be self-sufficient. The personal believe in deciding for my self, and not asking for anyone’s personal opinion on what I should do. But as a professional therapist I would have to put my personal believes…

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