Major Depressive Disorder HESI Case Study

suicidal ideation
symptoms of anxiety
increasing symptoms of depression
tell me more about your anxiety
Plan for harming yourself?
Tell me more about your chest pain

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Stating sources for present anxiety
-anxiety related to maturational crisis
-situational low self-esteem
what does being 52 mean to you?
measure anxiety on scale and decide, no more than 2x per day
anxiety level may increase
do not consume alcohol
headaches usually go away in a few days
any suicide thoughts?
how do you plan to hurt yourself
go to the hospital
things at work don’t bother me anymore
most clients do better taking it for a year
just tell the boss nothing she does will upset me
how do you feel when boss says something that upsets you?
terminations summarized goals and objectives obtained
instruct to make follow-up appointment
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