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Malaysian Studies

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1. Discuss the strategies that the government was and is using to create unity and national integration.

2. Lists and briefly explain the interventionist factor of five peoples that struggle against the Colonialists.

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3. Discuss the lessons and benefits of the 1948 to 1960 Emergency in Malaya.

4. Explain the problem of racial unity in the country prior to Independence.

5. Briefly explain the Federal Legislation Process.

6. Give the factors and reasons of the problems in unity and integration between races in Malaysia.

7. Give and briefly explain four of the Nine Challenges of Vision 2020.

8. The idea of the formation of Malaysia by Tunku Abdul Rahman brought forth all sorts of reactions. Briefly explain the reactions from Singapore, Brunei, Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak.

9. Gives five characteristics of Malaysia as a Parliamentary Democracy Country.

10. List and explain five types of Courts in Malaysia.

11. Explain the internal and external factors that caused the falling of the Malacca Empire.

12. List and briefly explain ten political parties in Malaya during the struggle for independence.

13. Explain the functions of the speaker of the House of Representatives

14. In oder to become the Yang-Dipertuan Agong, the candidate’s are selected among the sultans.List down the criteria in order to become the Yang Di-pertuan Agong?

15. (a) Give three factors that can affect and shortened the period as the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

(b) When the turns come, he cannot be Yang Di-Pertuan Agong under several reasons.Give the


16. The relation between races can be seen from the degree of ‘nearness’ beginning with relations that

are apart to relations that are close. The processes portray how minority groups become part of the

main stream society. List out the five processes from the low integration to the high integration,

and explain them briefly.

17. What are the power of Sultans?

18. What are the factors that led the Chinese to migrate to Malaya?

19. Citizenship is a special status held by the people who have the right to be in a country. This status

gives rights, benefits and certain facilities. What are the special rights that can be obtained by a


20. List out the features of the Malayan Union.

21. Explain what are the objectives of Rukun Negara.

22. When are general elections held?

23. Explain what are the differences between the General Elections and By-Elections?

24. What are the factors for the formation of Malaysia?

25. What are the 1957 Malayan Constitution fundamental principles?

26. Based on the archaeological evidence, it can be concluded that there are four important age of

Malaya. What are they and give details on each of the age.

27. During the Era of the Emergency, Sir Gerald Templer launched the physical warfare. What do

you understand about the psychological warfare?

28. Explain the role of the Local Government.

29. What are the main responsibilities of Election Commission and what are the memberships of it

according to Article 114 of the Constitution?

30. According to Section 6 Schedule 8 of the Constitution, those who win the elections become a

State Legislative Assemblymen or Member of Parliament. However, there are some conditions

that they are not eligible to be the member. What are the conditions?

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