Experience of Taking Advice

The Hayakawa family had a son named Mark, who was diagnosed with Downs syndrome. The family wanted to keep the child but were discouraged and advised not to by doctors. They felt differently about the situation. They felt their child lived on love, which was something they knew they could provide a great deal of. The family was not confident in the experts views because they seemed to have a lack of knowledge on the subject and it seemed as though they cared less then they knew about the illness.

The family decided to keep mark at home with them, not institutionalized. He had the freedom to grow and the personal care that is necessary to develop in a healthy situation. The Hayakawas felt that keeping Mark home was a good idea. He not only brightened their lives but their childrens lives as well. Mark could find joy in simple things, which can often reflect onto others. Mark was capable of accepting things as they were more so than most people of normal intelligence.

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The entire family benefited from the experience of living with Mark by learning to take situations in stride. The family learned patience and tolerance through helping Mark get through each day. Their readiness to deal with Mark carried over into a general method of dealing with people. Mark made them feel special. The family benefited from not following the directions given to them by the experts. They felt as though their lives served a purpose and had direction. If they had the choice, Mark wouldve been born exactly the same.

In my own experiences taking advice is usually a good idea. Although there were times when listening to the experts seemed as though it would not be beneficial I generally take and follow advice. In one situation I did not follow the advice of an expert, and the results were astounding. I work in a steak house with a bar in it. My boss at the time being the Kitchen manager had advised me that the District manager would be arriving during the evenings busiest time period one Saturday night.

This time period is known as a peak period, which is when the maximum number of employees and customers are all in the building and the sales for the evening are highest. This not being the best time to be evaluated because of the already stress filled environment and constant pressure being added from the management to speed up the cooking and sending of food. Having my superiors, boss and his boss all in the building at once would only make the evening more stressful. Being the assistant Kitchen manger I have certain liberties, such as access to the voicemail system of the management throughout the entire corporation. I found out that my boss had called the District manager to cancel his arrival.

I discussed the situation with my crew of cooks who were all feeling extremely let down, because they knew that they could perform well, as they always do, even while the District manager was watching. I knew how the crew felt and in knew how my boss felt. I was advised not to call or voicemail our District manager, but I took it upon myself to contact him and ask him to come. He agreed and he arrived a few hours after the call.

When he arrived not only was the entire store running beautifully, but also the kitchen staff’s attitude was great. The overall execution was seamless, and looked effortless. My boss had no idea that the District manager was arriving and I wanted to hide. I was afraid of the reaction of my boss. After avoiding my boss and greeting the District manager, I was asked to speak with my superior and his. The conversation was not at all what I had expected.

While my boss was upset with me, his superior was ecstatic! He was impressed with my confidence and knowledge in the kitchen. My actions not only gained me the respect of all the in-store employees, but also of the management in the immediate area, as well as a promotion, raise in pay, and a recognizable name in the corporation. Im now the kitchen manager and have the highest rated kitchen staff, kitchen environment, and ability in the district.

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