Managerial Ethics Essay

Managerial Ethics

The effective management of ethics has been one of the most difficult and yet critical aspects of effective management. Making the “right” ethical decisions can be challenging in the best of circumstances because difficulties seem to increase exponentially. Thus, Robbins et al. (2005) defined managerial ethics as the implementation of rules and principles that define right and wrong in conducting business. Furthermore, Robbins et al. (2005) pointed out that there are three views of ethics:

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·         Utilitarian view – ethical decisions are made on the basis of their outcomes or consequences

·         Rights view – respects and protects individual liberties and privileges

·         Theory of justice view – managers impose and enforce rules fairly and impartially

In modern times, the ethical issues are different and subject to more rapid change.

Attitudes about such matters as tax evasion, employee rights, bribery, and environmental degradation vary widely within and across countries and can change dramatically in just a few years time. In many ways, ethics are a moving target.

As such, they require a unique set of skills for managers.

It is for this reason that Robbins et al (2005) suggested these tips so that managers will be able to uphold managerial ethics in their business:

·         Hire individuals with high ethical standards

·         Establish codes of ethics and decision rules

·         Lead by example

·         Delineate job goals and performance review mechanisms

·         Provide ethics training

·         Conduct social audits

·         Provide support to individuals facing ethical dilemmas


Robbins, S.P. Decenzo, D.A., Stuart-Kotze, R. and Stewart, E.B. (2006). Chapter 2 Managerial Ethics. Fundamentals of Management, 4th Canadian ed. Acquired online 15 September 2006 at


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