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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results

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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results
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This undertaking gives background information on two companies. A direction house called Venkel Consultant which acquires new and existing house into work outing jobs and doing the best determinations for these solutions. Venkel was formed and started operation on October 11, 1993 located in the parish of St. Thomas. Venkel is good acknowledging because of its records of success rate to local and planetary companies that they work with. Venkel provides service to clients ( non-profit, private entity, local and planetary organisation ) with fiscal, strategic, selling, operation, engineering, full organisation and, amalgamation and acquisition to derive growing across the universe.

Certain Financial service is a loan company which acquires the service of Venkel Consultant. Certain fiscal is under new direction and the director is seeking expertness on strategic direction and planning to better the concern. Certain fiscal provides services such as concern loan, same twenty-four hours loan, pay twenty-four hours loan and personal loan.

The intent of this undertaking is to demo new and bing concern how to steer their jobs and do better determination so they will non happen once more to heighten public presentation and growing.

It will give concern and apprehension of the jobs they can confront and how they will pull off them efficaciously and expeditiously. This research shows facets such as quality, operational programs, operational systems, wellness and safety can assist the encouragement the public presentation of the concern. A broader item of these facets is shown utilizing Certain Financial as an illustration to convey a better apprehension.


CliffNotes ( 2013 )stated that organisational procedure is involved the undertaking and work needed to carry through the ends of the organisation. The maps of an organisation are accounting, disposal, human resource, selling and gross revenues etc.Suzanne & A ; Robertson ( 1995 )defined quality gateways as an organisation through which all demands must go through. Each procedure within the organisation has to go through through a trial before the finish merchandise reaches the consumer. It can be used to track if something is incorrect and repair it early.

Operational program is a elaborate program used to supply a clear image of how a squad, subdivision or section will lend to the accomplishment of the organization’s strategic ends defined byDavis ( 2013 ) .Mission, vision, aims and ends are considered as strategic purpose.Koren ( 2012 )defined ends as an expected or desired result of a planning procedure. Harmonizing toIyothimonic ( 2011 )aims provinces what is to be accomplished by when and should be quantified if possible. It is described as the organisation environment and public presentation. KeanEducation ( n/a )specify the acronym SMART of aims where particular is what precisely are we traveling to make for whom, measureable is to inquire if it is quantifiable, come-at-able is if we can acquire it done in the proposed clip frame with the resources and support available, relevant is the aim it has on the coveted ends and when it will be accomplished is called clip.

Harmonizing toAlbrecht ( 2011 )organisation public presentation is the extent to which an organisation achieves a set of pre-defined marks that are alone to its mission and aims. Key public presentation index is used as a driver to enable public presentation. Quality is about run intoing the demands and outlook of clients which is of import to turn a concern and helps with organisation public presentation stated byRiley ( 2012 ) .Entire quality direction is a direction attack centered on quality, based on the engagement of an organisation, people and taking of long-run success defined byChartered Quality Institute ( 2014 ) .It enables concerns to run into stakeholder’s demands and outlook without compromising ethical values.


Here are some aims for this undertaking:

  • To analyse the importance of pull offing a concern efficaciously and expeditiously
  • To find how to extenuate jobs within the organisation and happen the best solutions.
  • To analyse ways better organisational public presentation to heighten success.
  • To analyse how wellness and safety in the workplace is a good concern procedure to enable sustainability.


This research was considered a qualitative research. A qualitative research is roll uping, mensurating and analysing informations by detecting what people do and state.

My research requires roll uping informations from primary and secondary research. Primary research is acquiring information foremost manus. The primary beginnings that I have used to obtain information on Sure Financial Service Ltd are observation and interview. Closed and unfastened inquiry were used on my questionnaire and besides my interview inquiries, which was a formal interview. Secondary research is obtaining information that is already done or acquiring it from a 2nd manus beginning. The cyberspace, books and web page were the secondary beginnings used to assist carry on the research.

In carry oning the research I had to seek authorization from a member of the staff for permission to carry on an interview and to hold information on their clients.

There are few restrictions with acquiring the interview to be conducted on a set day of the month. I had to maintain altering the day of the month so that it could accommodate the member of staff chosen to be interviewed. There were certain information that the staff could non hold given out due to the safety and confidentiality of the company. Most of the clients came in a haste either from work or traveling to work so it was complicated to happen person who would reply the inquiry for me.


1.1The interrelatedness between the different procedures and maps of the organisation

Harmonizing to Cliffnotes ( 2013 ) an organisational procedure involves the undertakings and work needed to carry through the ends of the organisation. The map of Certain Financial is human resource, client service, operations etc. The map of an organisation is the grouping of individuals with the same accomplishments and expertness to guarantee concern activity is carried out expeditiously.

Customer service is a major concern map within Certain Financial. In order for an organisation to derive success and maintain net income, client service has to e of a good criterion. This map has procedures such as minimising client questions, supplying information and advice, work outing client job, utilizing client feedback etc. All of these procedures come under the client service map as it relates to derive possible clients. Certain Financial has particular policies to cover with client ailments to guarantee they are delft with and they are solved to accommodate the concern and organisation.

Finance is another map of the organisation that has to associate with the organisation ends and aims. The finance section records all the dealing of purchases, gross revenues, income, loss, net income etc. These records are used for future usage to look back O to do better determinations. These maps have to back up all the finance to carry through the aims and purposes, besides the fiances of paying staff, equipments, growing or machinery. Some procedure within finance are:

  • Recording trasactions
  • Producing bills
  • Fixing paysheet
  • Producing cashflow

1.2 Methodology to map procedures to organization’s ends and aims

The ends and aims of Certain Financial underpin trade name individuality, growing ad client satisfaction. In order for the company to transport out all of the factors that the aims underpins it needs to hold efficient and effectual procedures. Procedure function is a ocular assistance used to understand the procedure of Certain Financial. It used to work out jobs, form work activities and eliminate and prevent jobs.

The acronym DMAIC is used to map the procedures of Sur Financial to their aims and ends. Define stage is where the ends of the organisation is define along with the procedure. Certain Fiscal ends and aims are growing, client satisfaction and trade name individuality. At this phase we should specify which mapping procedure to fit the ends, for illustration flow chart. Each aim will be defined along with their demands.

At the measurement phase, information is collected on how the procedure is executing into run intoing these aims. Data is being collected on who, which and how many is needed to run into these aims. It helps to interrupt down these ends and happen their root causes.

The analysing stage reviews the informations aggregation during the measurement phase. In this stage the organisation will utilize diagrams to verify the causes and to demo how the procedures will take to the organisation run intoing their ends and aims.

Improve stage is happening the best solution for guaranting that procedures are mapped towards run intoing the ends. In this stage Sure Financial improves maps of the procedures and step betterments

The concluding stage is control, where the organisation focuses on how to keep the procedures. The procedure is continuously improved by utilizing DMAIC tool to guarantee that ends and aims are ever met. The cognition is being applied throughout the full organisation and the procedures.

1.3 Output procedure and the quality gateways

Robertson ( 1995 ) defines “Quality gateways as an organisation point through which all demands have to go through through earlier traveling to the following phase. It helps in stating when something is incorrect at a early phase. Output of procedure is the terminal consequence of the procedure.

Good service is what Certain Financial end product is chiefly approximately, in order for them to accomplish their aims. The end product of the procedure must be evaluated before the service and merchandise reach the clients of Certain Financial. However there are demands that the service as to go through through earlier traveling out to the clients. For illustration demands of obtain a concern loan.


2.1 Design programs which promote ends and aims for ain country duty

Area of duty is a re countries of programs and how to carry on operations. The country and duty of the organisation are market research, internal and external clients, client orientation etc. Certain Fiscal ends and aims underpin lending to growing, trade name individuality and client satisfaction. Tools and techniques that Certain Financial used to advance ends and aims are:

  • Brainstorming
  • Feedbacks signifiers
  • Value concatenation analysis
  • Quality control
  • Change direction undertaking to extenuate amendss of values and image

These tools help director to be after clearly and rapidly. They help to set a image to visualise the words so that involved stakeholders can hold a position and apprehension of what is go oning.

However there are two project direction tools that can be used to advance their ends such as:

  • Critical way analysis- this is used to anayze the activities needed and the clip and when resources are needed to finish a undertaking.
  • PERT chart- the acronym PERT stands for Program Evaluation Review Techniques. It is used to co-ordinate undertaking in a undertaking to make coveted ends and aims.

2.2 SMART aims to aline people and other resources efficaciously and expeditiously

Iyothemonic ( 2011 ) specify “Objective as what is to be accomplished by when and should be measureable. It describes how an organisation performs and the environment it is within. The acronym SMART means specific, mensurable, accomplishable, realistic and clip based. The aims of Certain Financial are hapless SMART aims.

Examples of SMART aims

“To develop a solid, corporate individuality by constructing 80 % client consciousness by the first twelvemonth of operations”

2.3 Systems to accomplish aims expeditiously, on clip, to budget and run intoing organisational criterions of quality

In order for the organisation to accomplish their ends efficaciously, on clip, to budget while run intoing a quality criterion so the appropriate system as to set in topographic point. The systems that was chosen to assist the organisation to accomplish their aims is Value added concatenation. A value added concatenation is a tool used to put out activities that create value for the organisation clients. It helps to buy high criterion natural stuffs from providers to supply service with high value. Certain Financial provide quality service with no fuss or collateral for their clients.

Value added concatenation can be divided into two groups ; primary activities and support activities. Primary activities in Certain Financial are gross revenues, client service, care etc. Supporting activities work underneath the primary activities. These activities are used to run into the aims of the organisation by adding value. The organisation realizes that supplying service on clip is really indispensable and it does add value and increase quality.

Porter’s Value concatenation consists of four stairss which are used to add value to the clients of Certain Financial. They include:

  • Identifying activities for primary activities:

Workactivities meting the operational program through effectual monitoring and control

The operational programs are met through effectual monitoring and control by co-ordination of activities.

Co-ordination involves working together by conveying all activities of the company. Co-ordination involves planning, forming, staffing, directing, pass oning, motivation, taking and commanding. Co-ordination put things in order so that they stay in path to accomplish the aim of the organization’s co-ordination helps with the resources of the organisation to accomplish aims and minimise wastage in the company.

Certain fiscal brand programs within departmentthen come together to make up one’s mind on a maestro program from these programs. The work of each degree of certain fiscal is organized from top to bottom which helps to supervise what gives down to the lower degree.the staffing of the organisation has to be coordinated which involvesrecruiting, developing etc. coordinating can be obtained from directing information belongings to workers/employee. There are different types of communicating that has to be coordinated belongings to run into operational program. Miss communicating can impede the organisation from certain map within the procedure of the operation plan.Emplopyees have to be motivated in order to bring forth effectual work, hence motive has to organize right through the organisation. The director of certain fiscal has to organize, leading to employees to accomplish ends and ojective.Controlling can non work with co-ordinating of activities.

All of maps of direction are coordinated to guarantee that the on the job activities of the organized meet to make operational program.

Systems to pull off and monitorquality criterions

The commanding methods and systems that are used by certain fiscal are choice circle and T.Q.M. Qualioty is fulfilling the demands of clients with minimal criterions.

quality circle are little group of employees who volunteer to run into any intent of the organisation. The chief intent of holding quality circle in certain fiscal is quality sweetening which is good to derive procedure and quality betterment. Quality circle is good to certain fiscal because it builds a strong communicating within the organisation. Employees are engaged in determination devising where the best determinations are chosen to supply a quality service. This enables more knowing and advanced thoughts to do with the organisation.

Entire quality directions a doctrine manages used to pull off stakeholders to take part in run intoing the ends and aims efficaciously that would be good to the organisation and society. TQM is thought by certain fiscal to teacjh employees how to run into clients expectation efficaciously and expeditiously.Each staff is required to supply quality services to the clients of certain fiscal. It helps the company to do the right determinations by utilizing the right resources and done at the right clip.

Choice civilization to guarantee uninterrupted monitoring, evaluationand development of the procedure

Choice civilization is the belief and value of employees within an organisation that push them into continuously increasing the quality of product/services. Certain fiscal trains their staff with the right policies in order for the company to accomplish quality. Certain fiscal utilizations method shown … . To construct a quality circle with high motive for uninterrupted quality betterment.

Constructing up trust: the director of certain fiscal can authorise trust between employees by affecting so in determination devising to accomplish ends.

Communication & A ; preparation: communicating is the transferring of information within and outside of the organisation. Continuously pass oning with the right tools helps with the quality betterment of certain fiscal. The staff has to be trained to make their occupations so that it is done efficaciously and efficiently.it helps with supplying staff with new and update accomplishments to execute their undertaking.

Motivation: motivation employees is really indispensable because it helps them to supply a efficaciously and efficient work force. Employees will seek to set out their trial to accomplish a quality service for certain fiscal. Beneficial such as lifting of wage, businessetc. can assist to actuating employees.


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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results. (2017, Jul 28). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/managing-business-activities-to-achieve-results/

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