Manipulative Essay

A manipulative and exploration aid in math is a great way to show children math concepts - Manipulative Essay introduction. Manipulative have proven to be valuable when used in math class and are even more valuable to the children when they are young. From reading in the textbook and reading articles about manipulative in a classroom in my opinion it seems like a very useful tool to help the children learn new math concepts. Having these concepts shows children how to learn and progress in the classroom.

Using manipulative in a classroom is beneficial to both the student and the teacher because the teacher is able to explain the concepts to the students in a much easier manner using hands-on technique. The students are able to physically visualize the math concepts and gain knowledge because they understand what they are learning. Plus during this type of learning you are having fun with the activity. When you make these concepts fun for the students you can keep their attention and focus.

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When the children have the concepts down their self esteem goes up and they eel encouraged to keep on using the manipulative and visual aids. Children will be more proud of themselves when they understand the learning. Besides building your self esteem it will help the children to develop self-confidence as well as the teachers. Using hands-on technique will keep the children and the teachers happy and want to continue the learning. As a child I don’t really remember using manipulative objects In my math class. Math was always very hard and confusing to me.

Maybe If I was taught with these manipulative I might have enjoyed math. Today I see my niece In preschool and how they use the manipulative and visual aids. She Is learning so much. From this I can see how Important and valuable It Is In the learning for the children. In conclusion, from my essay I think manipulative and exploration visual aids In mathematical applications are a very usual tool In the classroom. It really helps the children understand math concept. From doing the research you can tell hands-on technique and manipulative Is an awesome concept for teaching young children.

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