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Many Blacks Sacrificed for Their Families

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Now in days sacrifice comes in many different forms and ways people have been sacrificing since the early years like way back then whether it be sacrificing for religion,freedom,or any other topic people will do anything for a positive outcome and i feel like people who sacrificed back in the early years compare & contrast to the people we have in today’s world.

From what i’ve learned in this class and outside of class i believe that people back then mainly those who were African Americans had a difficult time fighting for freedom.

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Many Blacks Sacrificed for Their Families
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So many innocent lives of blacks were taken this all started because of racism. Racism usually brought up negativity along with hate causing people to be treated different and what not. Not only this but it also made laws to be changed because of how wild & crazy this was.

Many blacks sacrificed for their families but mainly their children’s health. However blacks had to sacrifice their lives for a change in society to occur.

The people did it in many ways such as protesting,Caos,religion,along with bringing communities all together to unite as one and for the voices to be heard.

So for instance some articles/ stories that were given to me in class talked about how people back then sacrificed for a effect. One of the articles that really stood out to me was called “The Emancipation Proclamation” The author Dalton,Jim Burran states, “Members of groups have fought for peace and freedom giving everything they have sometimes giving up values” (20).

I believe that people in today’s society still make sacrifices for protection of our country and people.An example would be the troops serving for our countries protection to defeat the bad guys.Along with police officers trying to save lives of people while putting their lives in danger.And in 2018 anyone with a positive attitude can make an impact in a group of people or maybe worldwide. People nowadays have all the technology in the world and can make a movement that can sacrifice almost about anything for a change.

Also if you look back at how people back then sacrificed to how people sacrifice now it is totally different. The events that occured back in the days have influenced the society we live in and as more years come so does new technology.Meaning that more changes can be made. Another way that people back then sacrificed was by giving up freedom for economic changes. Along with government changes for a more stable and controlled world.

In the old days women weren’t equal to men so women went on strike for a change.This happened because working conditions for women were terrible and were not getting paid a fair amount. Many women from different races were getting discriminated and in some cases caused hate crimes. Strikes were the main thing that people in the 1970’s used for as a sacrifice. This movement was made up of mainly women who wanted a change. They called this movement the “Strike For Equality”.

This comes to show that women back then were looked down at. These women gave up all their life goals to get equality in life. At the end of all this it payed off because women were granted more jobs along with more opportunities for a better life. Now ever since this happened many women have been looked at different from men.

And according to Ramos,Manny from the website Chicago Sun Times it states, “The chicago teachers union will hold a rally to discusses the problems that have been going on in the district” (2). Teachers are out there in 2018 protesting and having rallys because of issues. These issues include low teacher payment,over flow of students in classrooms, and not enough funding for the districts. These teachers are sacrificing their job for a change and this also relates back to how women back then wanted job changes expect this time it’s not only women but it’s also men. These teachers make a living out of teaching the youth and if something is not changed then the success of the youth will have an impact in today’s society.

I feel like this compares to the old days because back then people didn’t have the same working conditions we have now. It also compares to back then because women were fighting for better working conditions and now in 2018 we have teacher’s sacrificing their jobs for a change in school district.

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