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Subjective and Objective Examinations



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    A majority of students prefer to take objective exams instead of subjective exams as they think that all the answers are there on the paper. However, the fact is that students often have a better opportunity of passing a subjective exam than an objective one. From my point of view, I agree that subjective exams are easier to pass. There are several reasons supporting my view. First and foremost, subjective exams provide students with more chance to demonstrate to the instructor what they understand rather than what they do not understand.

    The reason is that the subjective one, which include short answers and essay questions, provide students with much room for elaborating their ideas. During the exam, students can elaborate upon the point that they are familiar with and escape to mention any point that they are unacquainted with. Thus, students have a bigger chance to get higher marks. Students can also demonstrate to the instructor what they know on subjective exams by anticipating what will be included on the exam. First, it is because an instructor can only include limited number of essay question on a test.

    Second, it is because questions mainly cover only the major aspects of the chapter of the topic. However, for the objective exams, an organized approach is required for taking short answer or essay exams. For example, you have to understand the types of questions commonly asked. As a consequence, students can be better prepare for the subjective exams by anticipating the content of the exam and according pass the exam easily. Students are required to be more skilled in taking objective exams than subjective exams which made the objective one become harder to pass.

    The reason is that students only have to be concerned about the grammar and content on the subjective exams. Nevertheless, students have to pay extra attention to the strategies required by different type of the objection exams, such as multiple-choice questions and matching questions. Consequently, objective exams would be harder to pass due to it’s highly required skills. In short, from my perspective, subjective exams are easier to pass than objective exams. The reason is that subjective exams provide students with more chance to demonstrate what they know. Also, students can be better prepared on subjective exams.

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