Marketing analysis Essay - Part 2

I - Marketing analysis Essay introduction. The 4 Ps

(Use the table below to briefly explain what the 4 Ps are for each restaurant chain. Be sure to cite the evidence that led you to your conclusions.)

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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Product: Specializes in burritos and tacos, but all in all, only 5 five item types are available–burritos, fajitas, “burrito bols”, tacos, and salads.

Place: There are over 500 Chipotle restaurants, but no two looks the same. They try to project an easy-going atmosphere where customers can feel that the place is just a part of their neighborhood.

Promotion: Emphasis is on quality—they serve a narrow range of items so they can focus on the quality of each. Ingredients are touted as being the “freshest and finest” and prepared using gourmet techniques. Chipotle is also able to handle fax and online orders, using the tag line ”DSL” (Don’t Stand in Line). This allows customers to skip the line and immediately pay for their food.

Price: The price of a regular menu item is around $5.


On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

Product: Specializes in traditional Mexican food with a Texan flare.

Place: Has locations throughout the U.S. They try to achieve an “experience that is anything but ordinary”, in line with the Mexican fiesta theme.

Promotion: Until August this year, they are offering limited edition entrees, as well as the opportunity to create your own margarita. They also offer free food for anyone who signs up to their mailing list.

Price: The price of a regular menu item is around $10-20.


II. Comparison

(Briefly explain the general strategy of each chain, then compare their strategies, citing examples from the websites. Compose your analysis in less than 300 words.)


Both Chipotle and On the Border can be considered casual dining restaurants, a market segment that lies between fast-food and fine dining. Both offer moderately-priced food, Chipotle, however, is particularly fast-casual, meaning, it promises high quality products without the full-table service. Unlike Chipotle, where all restaurants are company-owned, On the Border offers franchising opportunities. Non-franchising of restaurant chains tend to translate to high quality products and better services, and as such the two restaurants’ business structure partly explains their marketing thrusts.


Chipotle’s main thrust is on the product quality—they offer a limited number of items, but boasts the high level of attention given in product preparation. The bottom line of their advertising campaign seems to be ”gourmet food in fast-food time”. They also give the customers the freedom to create their own version of their meals—this helps create the casual atmosphere they try to espouse. Because of they promise high-quality products and dining atmospheres, their prices are a bit higher than that of regular fast-food chains. Their website is edgy, and seems to be treated as a real marketing tool—they offer online (as well as fax) services for ordering their products.


On the Border is more traditional, offering a full course menu. Their website provides only the most rudimentary information—there was no mention of how their foods are prepared nor the quality of ingredients—their main thrust (it seems) is to provide customers the experience as that of a typical traditional restaurant. Product selection is extensive—from appetizers to desserts, they provide a whole range of choices. Their main marketing strategy seems to lie in maintaining customer loyalty (hence, they offer gift cards) and establishing themselves as a familiar Mexican restaurant.








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