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Marketing Ch-9

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Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. _C___1. According to your text, ____ are small technology-based firms operating in international markets within two years of their establishment and realizing as much as 70 percent of their sales outside the domestic home market. a. |”natural globals”| b. |”multinational corporations”| c. |”born globals”| d. |”born multinationals”| e. |”multinational enterprises”| __B__2. The Mont Blanc Company plans to export expensive consumer gift items to Germany. The best overall economic measure of market potential would be Germany’s a.

gross domestic product. | b. |gross domestic product per capita. | c. |gross national product. | d. |balance of trade. | e. |unemployment rate. | _D__3. ____ refers to the idea that morality varies from one culture to another and that business practices are therefore differentially defined as right or wrong by particular cultures. a. |The self-reference criterion| b. |Global ethics| c. |Economic relativism| d. |Cultural relativism| e. |Moral relativism| _B___4. One of the effects of NAFTA is the simplification of country-of-origin rules.

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Marketing Ch-9
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This will likely hinder the international trade activities of a. |Canada. | b. |Japan. c. |Brazil. | d. |Cuba. | e. |Panama. | _B___5. If a newly formed country wanted to increase its international trade and reduce worldwide tariffs, it would most likely try to become a part of a. |NAFTA. | b. |WTO. | c. |MERCOSUR. | d. |APEC. | e. |EU. | _D___6. If Hyundai, a Korean automobile manufacturing firm, started selling its cars at unfairly low prices to Germany, Hyundai would be engaging in a. |quota-enforcing. | b. |embargoing. | c. |shoveling. | d. |dumping. | e. |dipping. | _B___7.

When the American company Exxon purchases crude oil from Saudi Arabia, it is engaging in a. |licensing. | b. |importing. | c. free trade. | d. |exporting. | e. |dumping. | _B___8. Henderson Synthetics’ management believes that several of the firm’s products could have sizable markets in other countries. To maintain a low level of commitment with minimum effort and cost, Henderson should engage in international marketing through a. |contract manufacturing. | b. |exporting. | c. |joint ventures. | d. |licensing. | e. |subsidiaries. | _A___9. A(n) ____ is an organization that links buyers and sellers in different countries but is not involved in manufacturing. a. |trading company| b. |exporter| c. |joint venture| d. |strategic alliance| e. |licensee| _E__10. Questor Corporation owns the Spalding brand name but does not produce a single golf club or tennis ball. This arrangement is an example of what type of involvement level for international marketing? a. |Exporting| b. |Trading| c. |Joint venture| d. |Strategic alliance| e. |Licensing| _D___11. Timex? a U. S. based watchmaker? recently entered into a partnership agreement with the Australian government to make watches. What type of partnership agreement does this situation most likely represent? a. |Trading company| b. |Licensing arrangement| c. |Strategic alliance| d. |Joint venture| e. |Direct ownership arrangement| _D__12. Nuhitzu believes it has the technological expertise to produce communication systems that will be leaders around the globe. Boston Electronics is widely regarded as having excellent management systems and superior marketing programs. To utilize these strengths, the two firms might form a(n) ____ to work together on a worldwide basis. a. |licensing agreement| b. |export trading company| c. |joint agreement| d. |strategic alliance| e. |multinational enterprise| _B___13. Toshiba Electronics is very interested in taking advantage of business opportunities in India but does not have access to India’s market.

Toshiba has the patent on a low-cost, quality computer system that could assist small businesses in India. Sony Computer, Toshiba’s competitor, is experienced in India’s small business market but does not have a computer comparable to Toshiba’s. If Toshiba and Sony work together to utilize these strengths to seize this opportunity in India, what type of business structure would they likely use? a. |Trading company| b. |Strategic alliance| c. |Licensing| d. |Direct ownership| e. |Exporting| _A___14. An alliance between Honda and Ford would most likely be classified as a. |a strategic alliance. | . |a joint venture. | c. |direct ownership. | d. |a multinational enterprise. | e. |contract manufacturing. | __B__15. IKEA, a Swedish retailer of contemporary furniture, operates several stores in various Scandinavian countries, as well as in the United States and Canada. Which of the following describes IKEA’s level of commitment to international marketing? a. |Licensing| b. |Direct ownership| c. |Exporting| d. |A trading company| e. |A joint venture| _C___16. Exporting, licensing, and using trading companies are preferred modes of international market entry for firms with a(n) ____ structure. . |international division| b. |internationally integrated| c. |export department| d. |geographic area| e. |matrix| _B___17. Which of the following is most likely to engage in direct ownership activities internationally? a. |Internationally integrated structures| b. |International division structures| c. |Export department structures| d. |Import department structures| e. |Outsourcing structures| _B__

18. When asked where Laser Tools, Inc. , markets its products, company president and founder Roger Helms says that “the world is just one big market. He feels anyone not taking this stance is systematically passing up profitable business. Helms’s international marketing strategy is best described as a. |customization of marketing. | b. |globalization of marketing. | c. |limited exporting. | d. |full-scale international marketing. | e. |export agenting. | _E___19. Selling products that are not in demand in all world markets, such as hand-powered washing machines for use in countries where electricity is not universally available, represents an international marketing strategy focusing on a. |internationalization. | b. |culturalization. | c. |nationalization. d. |globalization. | e. |customization. | Scenario 9. 1 Use the following to answer the questions. Harley-Davidson Motors manufactures all of its motorcycles in the U. S. at one of four sites. With a large number of its bikes sold in markets all around the world, it still retains the manufacturing close to the headquarters for several reasons, one being that its management wants to keep close watch on the quality of its products. However, for all the accessories, apparel, and other riding gear, Harley-Davidson contracts out to other manufacturers to produce the items with the Harley name and logo.

Some of these items, particularly the apparel, are made in China. Lately, some members of the Harley Owners’ Group (HOG) have been complaining to the company about this practice, citing that “everything Harley should be made in America”. _A___20. Refer to Scenario 9. 1. Harley-Davidson’s practice of having manufacturers in China produce apparel items with the Harley logo is an example of a. |contract manufacturing| b. |globalization| c. |direct ownership| d. |joint venture| e. |exporting|

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