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Marketing Concept of Garnier Shampoo

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Garnier fructis — Presentation Transcript 1. MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1 PRESENTATIONBRAND DOSSIER OF “GARNIER FRUCTIS” 2. AGENDAIntroduction to GarnierBrand Positioning and RepositioningStrategies Adopted ? Advertising ? Sales Promotion ? Segmentation ? Distribution StrategyTackling CompetitionSWOT AnalysisMarket Research AnalysisNet Take AwayRecommendation 3. INTRODUCTION TO GARNIER Garnier is a division of LOreal that produces hair careproducts, including the Fructis line, and skin care products under thename, Nutritioniste, that are sold around the world. L’Oreal entered in India in 1992 with its Garnier Ultra Doux range ofshampoos.

Garnier accounts for almost 90%of the company’s turnover in India.

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Marketing Concept of Garnier Shampoo
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Having entered the country in 1992, the company revolutionised itstactics by rolling out Garnier Colour Naturals, a low-cost hair dyedeveloped specifically for the Asian nation. 4. BRAND POSITIONING AND REPOSITIONINGINITIAL POSITIONING REPOSITIONING Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo Ultra doux to Garnier Fructis- Ayurveda and natural Garnier Synergie to Garnieringredients Skin naturals Competitive pricing devoid of The prices were set at a slightany differentiation premium over mass brands Garnier Fructis Shampoo + Oil which eliminated the need of two separate hair-care routines.

. STRATEGY ADOPTED Distribution Segmentation Sales Promotion Advertisement 6. STRATEGY ADOPTEDADVERTISEMENT STRATEGY TV Commercials Radio Promotions News Papers Magazines Internet 7. STRATEGY ADOPTEDSALES PROMOTION Viral Marketing PolicyViral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to passon a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponentialgrowth in the message’s exposure and influence.

ContestIntroduced the aspect of five time’s stronger hair and the firm had a braidcompetition whereby consumers could register on a site and create a knoton the Fructis braid, as part of their entry into the contest. 8. STRATEGY ADOPTEDADVERTISEMENT STRATEGY Endorsement By Bollywood Stars? Company has chosen a prominent and internationally famousBollywood face Kareena Kapoor to give hair care tips to thecustomers.? Kareena Kapoor has been chosen for Garnier endorsementbecause of her popularity and her confidence and to make itmore reachable to the youths of India. 9. STRATEGY ADOPTEDSegmentation Strategy Demographic Segmentation ?

Gender Men- Garnier MEN conditioners, along with the shampoo, face wash, moisturizer and oil control + moisturizer. Women- Garnier Women Garnier Hair Shampoo & Conditioner-Fructis Shampoo, Fructis Anti Dandruff Shampoo, Fructis Conditioners as well as other skin care products. 10. STRATEGY ADOPTEDSegmentation Strategy Demographic Segmentation ? Age Group Teenagers – Garnier Fructis Kids hair Sporty Strawberry Shampoo. Garnier targeted the segment between age group say (5- 14). ? Income Garnier’s main target categories are high income group and middle income group 11.

STRATEGY ADOPTEDSegmentation StrategyPsychographic Segmentation ? Garnier Fructis Anti Dandruff, the dandruff control segment includes people from all age groups with the exception of children. ? Garnier Fructis Color shield, the color protection segment is mainly comprised of young people, teens, and a high volume of the adult population. 12. STRATEGY ADOPTED Segmentation Strategy Behavioral Segmentation? Garnier Fructis Daily Care is completely satisfying needs andwants simply because it provides a terrific hair care and a sense ofuniqueness.?

Garnier Fructis focuses on four identified segments: Dandruffcontrol, color protection, moisture and nutrition, and yet anotherwith control of frizz, waves and curls. 13. STRATEGY ADOPTEDDISTRIBUTION STRATEGY Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer 14. TACKLING COMPETITION Innovated new products at regular intervals. Launched shampoo + oil 2 in 1 shampoo especially forIndian market Used blend of foreign and Indian models formarketing strategy Exclusive partnership with Teracycle Inc. 15. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses? Presence in Emerging Markets. High Price? Strong R&D Capability. ?Limited Differentiation? Variants available. ? Late Entry into Asian markets. ? Unable to gain much of market share. SWOT Threats Opportunities? Demand for Natural Cosmetics. ?Existing competition? Changing Consumer Lifestyles. ?Price Competition among? Beauty products market Branded Manufacturersgrowing with a significant rate. 16. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS HYPOTHESES DESIGN List of Hypotheses RESEARCH INSTRUMENTSample Size and Data Questionnaire design Analysis tools SURVEY FINDINGS Analysis Inferences 17.

MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS HYPOTHESES DESIGN Garnier Fructis provides substitute for natural ingredients used for hair nourishment List ofHypotheses Garnier Fructis makes the hair long and Strong and Shines with all its strength 18. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS Sample Size : 104 respondents Data Analysis Tools : Pie Chart Histogram Likert Scale Rank Correlation Questionnaire : A set of eight questions designed to analyze our hypothesis. 19. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS SURVEY FINDINGSPRIMARY RESEARCH Q 1. What do you use to clean your Q 2.

Kindly specify the brand of hair care that you hair? currently use 3% Shampoo User Pantene Dove Head and Shoulders Garnier Non Shampoo Others Loreal User Sunsilk Clinic Plus 6% 6% 10% 9% 16% 97% 17% 22% 14% 20. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS SURVEY FINDINGS Q6 : If you are asked to change your shampoo will you go for it? 5% May be. If I will get better 16% product, I may be willing to change. No never yes 79% This graph shows 79% Of respondents are not Brand loyal and Garnier Fructis can gain those consumers by strengthening its marketing and distribution strategy 21.

MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS SURVEY FINDINGSHYPOTHESES I Q 7. Garnier Fructis contains natural ingredients which can replace traditional way of cleaning hair60 5350 Strongly Agree40 Agree30 27 Neither Agree nor disagree Disagree20 13 Strongly disagree10 8 3 0 Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree Disagree Strongly nor disagree disagree Garnier Fructis contains natural ingredients which can replace traditional way of cleaning hair. 22. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS SURVEY FINDINGSHYPOTHESES I Q 8.

Ranking of Factors Influencing Purchase of Garnier Fructis 45% 42% 39% 40% 40% 35% 31% 28% 27% 30% 24% ADEVERTISEMENTS 25% 21% 20% 22% 20% 18% 18% PACKAGING 20% 17% 15% 15% NATURAL INGREDIENTS 15% FRAGRANCE 10% 5% 0% 1 2 3 4Natural ingredients influence most the purchase of Garnier Fructis. 23. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS SURVEY FINDINGSHYPOTHESES IIQ 4. What brand comes to your mind when you think of “Long and Strong Hair”? 3% Garnier Fructis 4% 8% Head & shoulders 7% Pantene 12% 56% Sunsilk Loreal 10% Clinic Plus Others 56% respondent relates Garnier Fructis with “Long and Strong Hair” 24.

MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS SURVEY FINDINGSHYPOTHESES IIQ 05. Which brand from the given list do you associate the line“Long and Strong Hair” with? 6% 12% Garnier Fructis Clinic All Clear 11% Head & Shoulders 3% Pantene 68% Others68% respondents thinks Garnier Fructis provides Long and Strong hair 25. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS SURVEY FINDINGSHYPOTHESES I & HYPOTHESES II Q 3. Rate the attributes in the order of importance. 4. 15 4. 21 4. 5 3. 78 3. 47 3. 36 4 3. 5 3 2. 5 2 1. 5 1 0. 0 INGREDIENTS ABILITY TO ABILITY OF THE ABILITY OF THE ABILITY OF THE IN THE MAKE THE SHAMPOO TO SHAMPOO TO SHAMPOO TO SHAMPOO HAIR SHINY REMOVE MAKE THE MAKE HAIR DANDRUFF HAIR LONGER STRONGER The ability of the shampoo to make the hair stronger is the most highly rated attribute. 26. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYSIS NET TAKE AWAY 97% of sample size are shampoo users. 14% of sample size uses Garnier Fructis. Most of the respondents agree that Garnier Fructis contains natural ingredients. 62% of the sample size believes that Garnier Fructis provides long and strong hair.

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